Has the BCS helped or hurt college football?

The answer to this question is “yes.” Those of us who remember the old days of randomly assigned bowl games that were determined by your conference and not your record remember how bad that was. Remember in 1984 when BYU won the title? Washington wouldn’t even play them, opting for Oklahoma instead. BYU barely got past a 6-5 Michigan team to be voted national champions. That could never happen anymore. The teams at the top of the polls always play at the end of the year now. That’s better. But now things have gotten worse.

Now the BCS does nothing but create controversy. It takes the competitive edge out of college football as a sport and turns it into an event of entertainment over a competitive sport. Competitive sports allow the players to compete. College football is the only exception. It purposefully disallows certain matchups. For example, you will never see Florida or Texas playing more than 1 good non conference opponent in any given year…and it will usually be at home. They are not even trying to compete. They are trying to find the easiest way to the national championship game.

Its kind of like Survivor. Don’t you hate it when the weak little girl who never won a challenge in her life is voted the winner? She did nothing to deserve it! She rode someone’s coat tails the whole time. Yet time and time again this person has been voted the winner of Survivor…in spite of not being able to survive without their ally. Let the last remaining survivors duke it out in a challenge royale. 5 days, 5 challenges. Winner take all. Instead they have emotional basketcases with grudges voting on the winner. That sounds unbiased.

But look at college football. Someone who graduated from Utah or Auburn in 2004 could become a voting member of the AP Poll. It is entirely conceivable they still hold a grudge and will simply never vote USC number one because of that season. Fair? No. But the BCS not only makes that vote required, it encourages it! Vote for your team, give them the best chance at the big bucks! You think sports writers, former players and coaches don’t have a favorite team? They all went to college buddy!

So the BCS has definitely made itself worse. It made the sport better in 1998 I think. Less chaos than before. Good postseason matchups. It got people interested in the sport like never before. Money came pouring in. It did a lot to advance the sport for sure. But now its time to change. It’s done all the good it can do. Now it is only hurting itself and the sport as it gets mired in controversy.

All it takes is the formation of the super conferences. Then the 6 mega conferences send their champ to the 8 team playoff. 2 at large bids for others. Simple as that.