I Do Not Want to See TCU in the Championship

I know, for a BCS hater like me you would think TCU winning a championship is exactly what I would want. Oh no, far from. TCU in the championship will have all the BCS lovers telling us “See? Anyone can play for the championship!” This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not everyone can play for a championship. TCU needs nothing but luck to get to the title game. Actual performance on the field can only take you so far. But there’s another reason I don’t want to see TCU in the title game: Gary Patterson.

The guy is a great coach, but based on what he said today about a playoff system, he is officially below Pete Caroll and only one step above Urban Meyer on my most hated coaches list. Here’s what he said about a playoff and championships:

“Is it easier to win one game for a championship? Or to have to win four? If you have a playoff, you practice and get on a plane and play. And if you lose, it’s over. If you go to a bowl game, you’re there seven days and the kids can enjoy a place and get rewarded.”

He followed up that brilliant bit with this one:

“Ninety percent of the teams [in the BCS] don’t have an opportunity to win a national championship. It’s the same 10 teams. We’ve now gone to a BCS bowl over 80 percent of the Big 12, 80 percent of the SEC, 80 percent of the Big Ten. We’ve achieved something that all those other teams talk about because they are part of a conference that can get there. We’ve now jumped over a hurdle by going to a BCS game.”

To top it off, we finish with this quote:

“You have to show that you can play with everybody consistently. You have to establish you can do it every year.”

Where do I begin? How do I combat such stupidity in just one blog post? Let’s begin with quote number one. I respond to his question with another: is it easier to be selected to play for the championship if it is just one game, or if it is a playoff? You can’t have a one game championship when there are multiple teams deserving to play in it. Someone gets screwed. Period. Ask Auburn. And no one is suggesting that implementing a playoff would dismantle the bowl system. You can have a playoff and keep the bowls. It’s so easy even a caveman could figure it out.

On to quote number two. Did Patterson listen to himself? Go 10-2 next year and see what BCS bowl game you land in then, moron. The BCS has NOTHING to do with reputation. USC has the best reputation in the Pac-10. They will not be in a BCS bowl this year. Why? Because they lost! Losing keeps 80% of the Big 12, SEC and Big Ten out of the BCS! It’s not some scheme that allows the same 10 teams to compete in high profile bowl matchups each year. Oklahoma is out this year, USC is out, LSU is out. Boise State will likely be in. Iowa will likely be in. Georgia Tech will likely be in. These aren’t the usual suspects.

And so on to quote three. What exactly has TCU established this year or in years past? Five years ago they finished 5-6 with losses to Texas Tech, Louisville and Cincinnati. Their first year in the Mountain West was good, except that the whole conference sucked that year. In 2006 they established they can consistently play a non conference schedule the likes of which featured Baylor, Texas Tech, UC Davis, Army and Northern Illinois. They also couldn’t top BYU or Utah that year. 2007 saw things slide down hill to 8-5 with losses to Texas, Air Force, Wyoming, Utah and BYU. Last year was a good year As TCU showed for the second straight year they can easily get manhandled by the best in the Big 12.

So Coach, enough of a history lesson for you? You have one undefeated season and you let it get to your head. You think you have accomplished something over the course of a few years. Well newsflash, you haven’t. And as soon as you lose next year just one time, no one will mention the acronym TCU in any conversation about the elite teams in the country. Gary Patterson honestly believes his team can win a championship without a playoff. Yeah, maybe they can, it is certainly possible. But not only do they need to play a perfect season to get there, they have to get lucky and hope no one else does. Which means their own fate isn’t even in their hands. Pathetic.

I now no longer want TCU in the championship or anywhere near it. I want them to play Alabama or Georgia Tech in a BCS bowl. I want them to win. I want them to wish so badly there was a playoff and that they could get their shot at Florida or Texas. I want Patterson to eat his words and get a good kick in the pants for his stupid comments. I also want Boise State to terrorize Iowa or whoever they play in a BCS bowl. Two undefeated non BCS teams to finish the season and neither one with a chance to play for the title. That would be lovely. Nothing can kill the BCS faster than its own blatant displays of injustice.

Enjoy your BCS bowl Coach Patterson. I hope you win. And I hope it’s not the championship, for your sake, your team’s sake, and all of college football’s sake.