If the BCS ran March Madness…

By now most of us have just experienced an exciting day of Final Four action. Michigan State upset Uconn and North Carolina just finished of Villanova. Interesting that no Big East team made it to the championship after all…

Anyway, I was thinking, for all of you playoff opponents out there, what do you think of March Madness? Is it not infinitely more exciting than the bowl season? Where’s the danger in having this level of excitement brought to college football?

So it got me thinking, what if the BCS ran March Madness? How “mad” would March really be? Here’s what would have happened this year:

First, all conference tournaments would have never happened. After all, this is too much like a playoff, and the last thing we want to encourage is healthy competition in any kind of playoff format. So conference champions will be decided by the end of the regular season. Just for kicks though, the Big East, ACC, SEC and Big 12 would have had their top two teams play each other for a conference championship.

Since Pitt owned Uconn in both regular season matchups, Louisville would have played Pitt for the Big East championship. Louisville won when Blair got into foul trouble. North Carolina puts up another fluke game in their conference championship against Duke and loses. Oklahoma and LSU roll in their championship games.

After careful consideration, and after carefully weighing what various coaches around the league though about teams they had never seen play, the BCS decides to have Louisville play Oklahoma for the national championship. North Carolina, Michigan State and Uconn naturally put up a fuss, but ultimately in vain.

Of course, teams with good seasons do get a consolation prize: a game in a neutral site against another good team! Of course, win or lose, it doesn’t matter, since the winner gets nothing but better preseason rankings the following year. North Carolina draws Uconn and Michigan State gets Pitt.

After Oklahoma squeaks by Louisville, all the games will have been played. North Carolina murders Uconn and Michigan State handily beats Pitt. Other ACC and Big Ten teams cruise in their games to make the conferences look like they were even better.

The coaches, bound by an agreement they had nothing to do with, all vote Oklahoma to be the national champions. That is of course except for Roy Williams, who in defiance votes his Tar Heels number one. But to their credit, the Tar Heels win the votes of the AP writers who pick them as the national champions.

The public clamors for a four team playoff with North Carolina, Oklahoma, Michigan State and Duke. The BCS committee and other powerful figures decide this could seriously damage the academics of the student athletes, and decide it is not a good idea, instead giving their stamp of approval to Oklahoma as national champions.

The whole process ends up being muddled with controversy, but the BCS folks are giving themselves a big pat on the back for once again picking the two teams who easily deserved their shot at the national title above the others. After all, the Big East was such a dominant conference this year, and North Carolina choked in the conference championship, so Louisville/Oklahoma seemed like the right match up.

Now ask yourself, why do we allow the BCS to do this to college football? Where is the sanity in this process? How is this better than the previous system? No national champion can or ever should be named in college football until a playoff is instituted, and I will always stand by that!