Inevitable change coming to the BCS

ESPN recently published an article by Ivan Maisel explaining why change is coming to the BCS. I agree with him completely. I mean, just 4-5 years ago when anyone brought up a playoff or a plus-one or anything like that to the BCS they got laughed at. Now conference commissioners are bringing it up and you now what they hear? Nothing. No laughing. No denial. It’s the silence that speaks the loudest here.

Since people are seriously considering all the options for altering the BCS, I felt it relevant to quickly give them the solution they are looking for. Look, throw out what you think is fair, what is right, what is optimal…the only playoff that is coming is a four team playoff. Just deal with it. We have to figure out the best way to implement a four team playoff. And here’s how.

1. Anyone finishing outside of the top 6 in the final BCS standings is ineligible for the four team playoff.
2. Any independent finishing in the top 4 is automatically in.
3. Any conference champion finishing in the top 4 is automatically in.
4. If a team in the top 4 is not an independent and not a conference champion, they are in if they are ranked in the top 2.
5. If there are not four independents and conference champions in the top 6, then the highest ranked remaining teams are in.

That’s it, pretty simple. That means you have to win your conference. It also means if you don’t win your conference but the only team who beat you did win your conference, you still have a shot to get in, as you should. That is, unless there are better conference champions out there. It all makes sense. Easy to understand.

Now take those four teams and seed them 1-4 according to BCS ranking. The weekend after Army-Navy you have 4 play at 1 and 3 play at 2. That’s two weeks after conference championship weekend, so plenty of time to prepare. That’s also home games, not bowls, so no interference with bowls. The two winners play for the championship same day they play now. Two losers are automatically in BCS bowls.

This is not complicated. It is very easy to do and brings some level of fairness and equity to college football. I doubt it will happen, but hopefully the BCS powers see this and get on it right away.