Jim Delaney Reads College Football Cafeteria!

This is huge news! The conference commissioner of the Big Ten, Jim Delaney, is a reader and fan of College Football Cafeteria! How do I know this? ESPN is reporting his new proposal, one that might look familiar to you loyal readers. Yup, Delaney just proposed that team selection in the four team playoff would go to four conference champions ranked in the top 6, or, in the absence of four of them, the highest ranked teams take their place. Heard that somewhere before?

Now of course Delaney is not giving credit where it is due, but that is ok. I proposed this months ago and I’m glad he reads and took my advice. This is the obvious and best course of action to suit a perfect compromise. Those who want conference champs get them, but only if they are deserving. Those who want the highest ranked teams get them, only if there are undeserving conference champions. Win-win.

Just goes to show you that old Sloppy Joe has more influence over the fate of college football than you think! That or Jim Delaney has half a brain and was able to conceive the same plan that I came up with. I’ll stick with the Jim Delaney is a fan of my blog line though. Makes me sound important.