More BCS Bull

I know, I know…you’re thinking there can’t possibly be any more BS with the BCS. Well I’ve got news for you, I just hit on something I haven’t heard them say anything about yet on ESPN. Has anyone ever checked out the scheduling of their schools? Notice anything odd about anyone’s schedule? I sure do. How about Tennessee and Penn State having 8 home games and 4 road games? How about Florida having 7 home games, 4 road games and 1 neutral site game? What’s up with this?

I’ll tell you exactly what’s up- their BCS rankings. Why do you think Florida plays Charleston Southern and has 7 home games? Because winning ALL your games is EVERYTHING in the BCS formula, that’s why. No long can a team settle with winning their conference. That’s not enough thanks to the BCS. Nothing short of perfection is rewarded anymore. And even that is debatable (see 2004 Auburn and Utah.)

The truth is, look at the crap college football scheduling has turned into thanks to the BCS? We have FBS teams padding their schedules with FCS teams. We have an astonishing EIGHT home games out of 12 for some teams. How has this gone unnoticed? How has this gone unpunished? Surely there should be some kind of penalty for refusing to play on the road. If every team is required to play 12 games, then EVERY team should be required to play no more than 6 at home. If they want the other 6 to be neutral site instead of home games for their opponents then fine, but this unfair advantage is complete garbage.

Just another reason to hate the BCS. Imagine if there were more USC vs. Ohio State non-conference matchups in college football. People might actually care about Texas and Florida before week 4 of the regular season. I would bet my life that the most watched games this past weekend were: BYU vs Oklahoma, Alabama vs Virginia Tech, and Georgia vs Oklahoma State. Why? Because they were compelling, competitive matchups! Did anyone bother watching Florida dismantle an FCS team at home?

Scrap the BCS and you give high profile schools a good reason to play each other. The greater potential for loss no longer means anything. Losing out of conference isn’t important. But the potential for a high profile win is huge. Plus the revenue that comes from big games is nice too. These matchups would happen again. No more 8 home games. No more FBS vs FCS garbage. Let’s see the great teams from the conferences play each other more than just once a year in a bowl game. It would make the entire sport that much better.