Postseason Proposals Page

I know the BCS and college football’s postseason is something near and dear to our hearts. That’s what motivated me to start this blog, and that’s what the focus still is and will be. But the current version of the postseason proposals page is going to see a few changes in the coming days you may want to stay tuned for.

I’ve decided that it is time for us as college football fans to stand together, united, with one voice. We can’t change the BCS unless we act together. Just as no football team can win without playing as a team, so we cannot effect the changes we seek to the BCS without being a team.

That’s why I will select the postseason proposal possible, a 16 team playoff, and focus on that as our postseason proposal. I will ask for everyone’s help in spreading it out there. I will reference plenty of authoritative personalities and it will be the most comprehensive playoff proposal out there that addresses everything. While some of the proposals I have are good, it is time to make the ultimate proposal and settle for nothing less. Stay tuned for more to come!