The BCS is Horse Poop

That’s right, I said it, now who wants to try and disagree? In case you don’t follow college football much, today was another much anticipated Senate hearing on the “fairness” of the BCS. Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah led the hearing about the BCS. Our good friend Harvey Perlman, the BCS spokesman at the hearing, gave us quite a few more words of wisdom to add to his already embarrassing list. You’re going to love this.

When asked why Utah could not get into the championship game last year, Perlman said they hadn’t played a hard enough schedule. So when the obvious was stated, that a schedule is beyond one’s control and therefore status could never be achieved, Perlman responded with this:

“There realistically is something Utah could do,” Perlman said. “They could play the schedule Nebraska played.”

Riiiiight, Utah can just hop on the Big 12 Conference and start playing some “serious” competition. Don’t bother to mention that TCU, who they beat, finished #7. Don’t bother to mention that BYU, who they beat, finished in the top 25. Don’t bother to mention that Oregon State, who they beat, finished ranked and also gave USC their only loss. No, Utah definitely didn’t have a hard schedule or anything last year.

And to top it off, Perlman suggests that Utah simply needs to play the same teams Nebraska plays in order to get into the BCS. Can anyone say circular logic? A conference needs that isn’t respected needs to get better by playing better teams. Nevermind that they are a conference and have to play each other! So the whole conference must get collectively better by continuously playing the same teams? Lots of sense Perlman…

Here’s another great line from Perlman: “It’s the same as when Nebraska walks into the NIH [National Institutes of Health] and seeks a federal grant and competes with Harvard,” he said. “Theoretically we have the same the chance, but do we really?”

So theoretically Perlman is suggesting that Utah and every other non-BCS conference team has the same chance to play for the title game…but that they really don’t since they’re aren’t called Ohio State. This guy is brilliant. How did he manage to get the job he has?

At the conclusion of the hearing, Orrin Hatch called on the Department of Justice to do a full investigation into the BCS. The liberal commi-nazis over at CNN would have you believe that Hatch is merely doing this because he is from Utah and full of spite. That would ignore that he is the senior member of the judiciary committee in the Senate, and is required to do this kind of thing when it is blatantly obvious. No, CNN would rather give credit to the BCS collapse to Barack Obama in some kind of indirect way. Well, I don’t care how it happens or who gets the credit, just bring down this dreaded BCS already!

One final thought, this was said by William Monts: “The peculiar irony of an anti-trust claim is that it is likely to sound the death knell for the playoff system proponents want.”

Why are there so many morons in the world? Why is ending the BCS going to spell destruction for college football and any kind of real postseason? There is no way to get a playoff unless the BCS is dismantled idiots! We need them to get brought down so that the NCAA can put a playoff in place like all of the other divisions of college football. May it be soon…