The Latest On A College Football Playoff

Sorry it has been so long since the last post. Being the offseason and all there isn’t much going on. But today there was an article on ESPN about the NCAA President’s support of a playoff that needs mentioning. Oddly he only supports a 4 team playoff instead of 16 or 20 like is done at other levels of college football. This is because other levels of the sport play 10 or sometimes 11 game schedules, not 12 or 13 game schedules.

I for one would not be opposed to a 10 game schedule if it meant an 8 team playoff. As much fun as it is to see every FBS team rail on a terrible FCS cupcake each year, I could go without that game. And do Big Ten teams need to make 2 or 3 MAC teams their punching bags each season? I mean honestly, the non-conference scheduling in college football is a joke.

Just look at college basketball. You have tons of tournaments and non-conference matchups between top programs every single year. What did we get in college football? LSU and Oregon? Alabama and Penn State? Anything else? That’s why those games get so much hype, because they are so rare. Would be nice if you only had to worry about 2 non-conference games. Then you would see no more FCS games that are just a waste of time. You wouldn’t see anyone waste their non-conference schedule. USC would need to get Notre Dame on there. West Virginia will need to get Pitt on there. Utah will need to get BYU. Lots of rivalries go outside the conference and would be maintained.

But that isn’t going to happen. As if any school would drop 2 home games a year. Yeah right. That’s a few million dollars they would be giving up, which just won’t happen. But I digress.

At least we have a somebody in favor of a playoff, even if it is just 4 teams. Here’s their thinking.

1. Take the top 4 teams in the final BCS standings.
2. Have 1 play 4 and 2 play 3 in two of the BCS bowls.
3. Allow the other two BCS bowls to select at large bids from the top 14.
4. Winners of the 1 vs. 4 and 2 vs. 3 play in a championship at a rotating site the second Monday on January.

It’s quite simple, but I disagree with one thing. I don’t see why you just take the top 4 teams. Winning your conference should mean something. So I think you take the top 4 conference champions, but only if they are ranked in the top 6. If there are less than 4 conference champions in the top 6, then fill the remaining spots with the highest ranked remaining teams. If there are more than 4 conference champions in the top 6, then take the highest ranked 4 of them. If any independent finishes in the top 4 they are automatically in.

This year, the only change that makes is Oregon is in rather than Stanford. Only seems fair. Oregon was better than Stanford. They stomped Stanford on the road even. They won their conference. The only reason they were ranked lower was because they had LSU in their opener. If Stanford had played them they would have been the 2 loss team.

At any rate, that’s how I would do it. You know it would only be a matter of time before the season went from 12 to 11 games in order to expand the playoff to 8 teams. I’m sure it would stay there and not get any bigger though. Why would it? Wouldn’t be fun to watch if you had the playoff last a month and involve all sorts of teams.

What do you think? Four team playoff good for you?