The Playoffs Are Coming, The Playoffs Are Coming!

Much like the old movie with the scared folks yelling “The Russians are coming!” the BCS is in distress mode. USA Today got their hands on the most recent BCS memo, and guess what’s all over it? You guessed it, how to fix the postseason in college football and how a playoff can do that. ESPN has a story about it here which goes into more detail. You can see of the proposals, there are ideas about using bowls, using neutral sites and using campus sites. Be sure to vote in thiss poll for campus sites as we all know that is the way to go.

I was reading through some comment and also stumbled on someone who came up with an eerily similar playoff proposal as I did. He calls it the Plus 2 Plan, which is a great name for it. Here it is in a nutshell:

1. The day after the conference championships and regular season end, the final BCS rankings are released. Top two seeds are automatically in the four team playoff as #1 and #2 and will play a home game in two weeks, the weekend when bowl games start.

2. Their two opponents will be the two highest ranked remaining conference champions, or, if an independent is ranked ahead of any remaining conference champion, that independent is in.

3. The same weekend bowl games normally start is Semifinal Saturday. #1 hosts the lower ranked opponent and #2 hosts the higher ranked opponent.

4. Winners of Semifinal Saturday play for the National Championship on the same day it is now. Losers go to a BCS Bowl two weeks later.

It’s pretty simple and right in line with what I’m already saying. Look, a 16 team playoff is the most fair, but never going to happen. An 8 team playoff is really ideal. But a four team playoff is what the BCS is currently considering, so if four is what we can get, then let’s make the best possible playoff scenario with four teams.

In my proposal I thought the semifinal games would best be played on New Year’s since that is already known as the day of college football. But if the semifinals are played before everything else, it doesn’t take away from the bowls. Also, that gives the championship game participants adequate preparation time.

It really is a great plan and considering the BCS is looking at playoff scenarios, we should really be pushing for it. So please vote in that poll.

Also in the BCS memo was a proposal to eliminate automatic berths in BCS bowls. Yeah that might make BCS bowls better, but you still run the problem that there is a lot of dispute about the national champion. Hopefully we get more than just worthless tweaks to the system. Hopefully we get a real playoff, even if it is only four teams. Keep your fingers crossed!