College Football Playoff Team Selection

The following is a simple list of the details of our college football playoff proposal. Implementing this system will not require changing anything about the game or how it is played. This is to make the transition as seamless as possible.

1. Conferences will still have complete control over how they determine their champion. Schools will still have complete control over their scheduling. The CFP committee rankings will still be released as usual. The final game of the regular season will still be Navy vs. Army the second weekend in December. Nothing about the regular season is changed in any way.

2. The postseason playoff will consist of 8 teams instead of 4.

3. All five conference champions from the current “Big 5” conferences (SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12) are automatically in.

4. The highest ranked team in the CFP committee rankings between the independents and conference champions of the remaining conferences is automatically in.

5. The two highest ranked teams remaining in the CFP committee rankings are in and seeding is based upon those rankings.

6. The two at-large berths can be from any conference or independent.

That’s it. Seems too simple, right? Well, it is perfect. What’s one of the primary complaints against a larger playoff? That it extends the season too long. Not so with an 8 team playoff. Playoff starts when bowl games do and ends when current championship game is played. Only 4 more teams would play more games under this format than they currently do. Not too taxing. And better than taking over a month off before the championship.

And besides the championship game and semi-final bowls, you can have these quarter final playoff games played on home fields. That makes seeding matter since home field advantage matters. That also means a lot of extra revenue for a school to host a prime time game. That’s money in their pockets instead of the bowl executives. Plus those playoff games will get higher ratings than nearly all of the dumb bowl games are getting now.

This is a win-win for everyone. Anyone can qualify. This gives every team a legitimate shot at the title when the season starts. It’s fair, it’s easy to implement, and maintains everything else in the sport exactly as is. Bowl games don’t need to be touched at all. Read on to see more about the bowl games and the timeline.