Your Thoughts on a College Football Playoff

And now I open up the comments to you the readers. I’m sure as you have read our playoff proposal you have either felt like jumping for joy or throwing your computer out the window. Share your thoughts with us! We know if you are a fan of college football then you feel passionately about this subject one way or the other.

So please, leave us a comment, we don’t care how long or how short. The only thing we care about is quality of content. If you’re going to say “A playoff would suck” then don’t bother, I will delete it. If you are for a playoff and think you can improve upon our proposal, then tell us how! If you are against a playoff and have a rebuttal to my points, then share them! This is an open forum for you to ramble, vent or otherwise state your point of view on a college football playoff.

Just remember, your comment must have some kind of redeeming value. If the content of your remark has nothing but petty namecalling, is vulgar or otherwise does nothing to contribute to the conversation, then please keep it to yourself.

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