Each week we will be making our college football picks and college football predictions from the College Football Cafeteria. A running tally for the season is kept on the bottom so you know how we do. We only make our predictions for games involving a ranked team. Check out our picks below and be sure to comment and let us know what you think!

 GAMES Dan Craig Scot Darren Isaac Andrew Steve Michele
 AAC East Winner
 AAC West Winner
 AAC Champion
 ACC Atlantic Winner
 ACC Coastal Winner
 ACC Champion
 Big 12 Regular Season Winner
 Big 12 Regular Season Runner-Up
 Big 12 Champion
 Big Ten East Winner
 Big Ten West Winner
 Big Ten Champion
 CUSA East Winner
 CUSA West Winner
 CUSA Champion
 MAC East Winner
 MAC West Winner
 MAC Champion
 MWC Mountain Winner
 MWC West Winner
 MWC Champion
 Pac-12 North Winner
 Pac-12 South Winner
 Pac-12 Champion
 SEC East Winner
 SEC West Winner
 SEC Champion
 Sun Belt Champion
 Playoff Team 1
 Playoff Team 2
 Playoff Team 3
 Playoff Team 4
 Championship Team 1
 Championship Team 2
 National Champion

Now meet the staff, put a face with the name and see who it is that makes the picks each week!

Dan DeceusterDan Deceuster, aka Sloppy Joe
Dan is the founder of College Football Cafeteria. He loves to watch college football any chance he can get. That national championship between Texas and USC in 2005 still ranks as his favorite game ever. He even got DVR just for the replay functionality. He works in internet marketing and is happily married.

Scot_ClarkScot Clark, aka Sir Ascot
Scot hails from the midwest and is the unofficial #1 fan of BYU Rugby (see his website). He also loves college football and would watch it all day if he could. The sheer excitement of the game, especially when rooting for the underdog, as well as the drama of the national rankings and BCS system gets him going more than just about anything.

Isaac ChristensenIsaac Christensen, aka Ike
While the beautiful game (a.k.a. soccer for the ignorant) is at the top of his totem pole, he has plenty of passion for America’s version of football, too. He especially enjoys disproving idiotic arguments made by pro-BCS morons. His favorite college football moment was Beck to Harline in 2006.

Steven HessSteve, aka @Social_Steven
Steve craves all things sports and social media. Hailing from the red rocks of St. George, he has no hometown pro team to cheer for, so he just follows them all. You can read some of his musing on the world of sports at Stevens Sports Smack. He graduated from Dixie State and has his dream job of being online all day.

Craig ClarkCraig Clark, aka Papi Chulo
Former All-American Rugby player Craig enjoys anything with bone crushing hits. He prefers the raw power of rugby to football, but always enjoys a good football game. Like everyone, he favors an altered postseason. But unlike anyone, his career as a financial adviser gives him an insight into the financial effects of changing the BCS.

darren_hintonDarren Hinton, aka The Scholar
Darren loves college football, as well as about 250 other sports you probably never heard of. Anyone else know who won last year’s annual haystack castle tournament in Australia? Didn’t think so. Darren is the winner of our inaugural season of predictions and is looking to regain his former glory this year and take the crown back from Craig, our most recent champion from last year.

Andrew McDowellAndrew McDowell, aka Bones
Bones hails from North Carolina, a state which unfortunately suffers from a bad case of basketball addiction. He likes history, Virginia Tech football, sarcasm, watching Southern Cal lose, and postseason reform. Bones currently works as a teacher, which might explain all the frustration present in his posts.

Lucky MeechMichele, aka Lucky Meech
Michele doesn’t care about college football, but since she is married to Sloppy Joe, she has volunteered to participate in the picks. She is well known for her luck, whether it be in raffles, drawings or spouses. Because of this, even though she doesn’t know the teams, she plans to be competitive with the “experts” and win this thing.


Think our picks are awful? Think we are on the money? Tell us about it in the comments. If we agree with you, we may even change some of our picks before the games start. We always love feedback!