The Denver Broncos Commit an Unpardonable Sin

Many of you know the NFL draft was today. Many of you know this is the biggest night in the lives of so many college football players. Many of you know a lot of analysis and preparation goes into this draft. Teams have ample opportunity to see each player do drills, weights, and other activities. So you would think each team would have a pretty solid idea of who is worth drafting and who isn’t. Apparently Josh McDaniels didn’t know how to prepare for a draft. Don’t believe me? Guess who the Broncos picked up in the FIRST round?

That’s right, everyone’s favorite college football “legend.” The Saint himself, Mr. Tim Tebow. This move was INCREDIBLY stupid on so many levels. Level number one. The Broncos gave up Cutler for Orton last year. And quite honestly, Kyle Orton is a dang good starting quarterback in the NFL, and one who is only 27, so right there in his prime.

Level number two- in March, the Broncos gave up Peyton Hillis and two draft picks to get Brady Quinn. They even told him he would compete for the starting job. In case anyone forgot, Brady Quinn was the pretty good QB from Notre Dame that gave Charlie Weiss his last winning season there. The Browns even traded to get an extra first round pick in 2007 in order to get Quinn. I guess things didn’t work out in Cleveland. But hey, the kid could probably become a decent NFL quarterback.

Level number three- Tim Tebow sucks. Tebow comes from Florida. Florida has a spread offense. A spread offense is a quarterback’s best friend because it makes them look good. They routinely play from the shotgun, have plenty of time to throw and always have at least three options to pass to…not to mention space if they need to run, which Tebow routinely did. So every time he threw the ball, it was because he had a good passing lane, time to throw and an open receiver. If none of those elements were there, he ran the ball.

Maybe no one told this to Broncos management, but although Tebow could run over college freshmen from Charleston Southern all day, he isn’t running over 300 pound beast-men in the NFL. I can’t wait to watch Tebow take his first snap. First off, he won’t be in the shotgun, so he’ll probably trip and fumble. But when he finally gets a play off, he will panic because his passing lanes will be blocked, he will be pressured faster than ever, and receivers will only be open for the smallest window. Seeing this, he will panic and run, then immediately get body slammed, suplexed or clotheslined by a six and a half foot tall, 300 pound linebacker or defensive tackle.

So there you have hit- dumbest draft move OF ALL TIME. Hold that, maybe the 49ers drafting Alex Smith number one instead of Aaron Rodgers beats it out, but this ain’t far behind. The only logical explanation for this is that Josh McDaniels plans on using Tim Tebow as a full back. That way he is always a throwing threat back there. He could take 6-7 snaps a game in that position perhaps. But I will tell you this much- he doesn’t stand a chance at QB in the NFL, and besides that, he would never win the job over Orton or Quinn anyway. Truly bizarre thinking.