My Proposed Big Texas Conference

I know everyone is already calling the new Big XII the Big Texas Conference, but hold your horses. Texas obviously owns the conference and all bow to their will. But this whole thing got me thinking- what if there really was a Big Texas conference? What would it look like? How would it go? I’ll tell you one thing, it would probably be light years better than the now mangled Big XII.

Think on this for a second. Imagine if Texas broke away and then formed the new Big Texas conference. Every Texas team is invited, plus Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. That gives you UTEP, Texas Tech, Texas, Texas A&M, TCU, Houston, SMU, North Texas, Rice, Baylor, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. You are pretty much guaranteed to sell out every home game for every team because they are all a drive away from each other.

Then you could make the Big Texas Network. Schedules would be made to best accommodate showing as many Big Texas games as possible each weekend. Instead of divisions they each play all 11 other teams each year plus one non-conference game. The final standings might look something like this:

1. Texas
2. Oklahoma
3. TCU
4. Texas Tech
5. Oklahoma State
6. Houston
7. Texas A&M
8. SMU
10. Rice
11. North Texas

That’s 8 pretty solid teams at the top of the conference each year. You’re looking at at least 6 teams to bowl games every season. Plus all the glory stays in Texas mostly. Imagine the recruiting frenzy that would happen. This way Texas still makes a ton of money, is in control of the conference and gets what they want- an easy route to the BCS championship each year. Of course, their current route is much easier, but this adds for more drama since all of Texas would be united under one conference.

The MWC would pick up the 4 displaced Big XII schools. C-USA would figure it out, probably combine with the Sun Belt or something. The Boise State-less WAC would continue its campaign of irrelevance. Then maybe Texas and OU would finally be able to make a conference that could stick together.

This also means you now have a 12-team Big Ten, Big Texas, Pac-10, MWC, SEC and ACC. The Big East may simply absorb remaining C-USA teams Marshall, East Carolina, Memphis and Central Florida to become 12, with whoever is left hopping into the Sun Belt. That makes 7 conferences of 12 teams each plus the MAC, Sun Belt and WAC. Then here’s what we do.

The highest ranked team from the independents, MAC, Sun Belt and/or WAC gets an auto bid with the 7 other conference champions to an 8 team playoff. I’m doubting there will ever be more than one team from those three conferences worthy of the tournament. Then each conference sends their champion and off they go.

Imagine this scenario really playing out for a minute. You could get Texas, Alabama, Ohio State, USC, Boise State, Virginia Tech, Pitt and Notre Dame in an 8 team playoff. Could you ask for anything more? All it takes is for the Big Texas conference to come to fruition, then the pieces will fall into place. Likelihood of this scenario playing out? Probably 0.000001% or so. Never hurts to dream though.