Temple To The Big East…Again

Many of you may remember a time when Temple competed in the Big East in football. They were so awful however, that the Big East kicked them out of their conference about 8 years ago now. Their other sports have been in the Atlantic 10. Well, as fate would have it, the Big East has completely imploded and out of desperation they reached out to Temple to invite them back…in all sports.

This is in large part due to the work of Al Golden, the guy now coaching the Miami (FL) Hurricanes. But Temple football has become respectable, and basketball has a #5 seed in the NCAA Tournament this year. So this is a good addition for the Big East. Why it took them this long is beyond me.

But since West Virginia settled their lawsuit with the Big East and will be gone for 2012, they were left with only 7 teams and absolutely needed an 8th in order to maintain their automatic BCS bid and any resemblance of a sane schedule. They tried to get Boise State to come over early but that didn’t work. So with no other options, Temple was the last resort. And it worked.

So with Memphis and Temple being the latest additions to this motley crew, the Big East has no lost membership to the Big 12 and ACC and taken members from the MWC, C-USA, MAC and an independent. Wow. I would say I wish them luck but I really don’t care. Any conference who ignores basic geography in an insane attempt to appease the BCS gods deserves to crumble and fall apart. I hope the automatic bids are removed or that the Big East at least loses theirs. There would be some kind of poetic justice in that.

But hey, why blame the Big East? The BCS created this crazy money train that every conference has been forced to jump on. If only they knew there was a bigger money train in a playoff. I’m confident at some point they will. But until then, I’ve got to go. I have some brackets to fill out for the greatest playoff on the planet.