Tulsa Is Moving To The Big East

The ever changing Big East landscape has changed once again. Tulsa will be joining the league in 2014. By my count that means of the 12 schools they will have in 2015, 9 of them were at one point members of Conference USA. Kind of like how the MWC was basically all once the WAC.

The name will be changed because the Big East basketball schools left and are taking the Big East name with them. I had a few ideas for commissioner Mike Aresco he could try:

1. The Medium East
2. ۝ (The Conference Formerly Known As The Big East)
4. Suck It CUSA

Unfortunately reports are the new name will be “The America 12 Conference” which is super lame. And in case anyone is keeping track, here is what’s going down with the conferences in the near future:

With no more Boise State this conference is a big snore. Starting in 2015, here’s how I would rank the college football conferences:

1. SEC – they will always be on top, deal with it
2. Pac 12 – definitely the conference trending upward right now
3. Big 12 – a solid core of programs
4. Big Ten – at least they are better than the ACC
5. ACC – powerhouse in basketball at least
6. MWC – Boise State will always carry the conference, but other programs are stepping up
7. Big East – meh
8. MAC – might make a move to pass up Big East
9. CUSA – will there even be a CUSA in 2015?
10. Sun Belt – permanently the worst conference. Forever.

We’ll see how this all plays out for the Big East, but I have a feeling that they will fade into obscurity since they have no powerhouse football program. And their only good basketball program, Uconn, is vocally and actively trying to leave. Doesn’t speak well for future potential.