Utah goes to the Pac-10 and 10 teams want in the MWC

So Utah did it. I think it is a mistake to be honest. They had more to gain by staying on top of a growing conference. But hey, they did it for the nookie. The interesting thing to come of this is Craig Thompson’s comments after the move. With Utah leaving the MWC, many speculated they would expand further to get to a conference championship game. Thompson put an end to that.

But we have a lot to consider here. First of all, this is the second time Thompson has publicly said they have no plans to add any more teams. He made this considerably idiotic comment before. So don’t think he’s that stupid. Days after the last time they picked up Boise State.

But don’t overestimate him either. It’s the MWC. They have a TV deal with the Mountain. They have proved as a conference how idiotic they can be. So maybe they are too stupid to add any more teams.

But here’s the thing. He said they received “8-10” inquiries from teams wanting to join the conference. He didn’t say which teams they were. May I?

1. Utah State
2. Nevada
3. Fresno State
4. New Mexico State
5. Idaho
6. Hawaii
7. San Jose State
9. Tulsa
10. SMU

And probably in that order too. And the MWC is stupid to ignore them. Yeah, they say none of them are marquee names. Hello?!?!? Remember when you said you wanted Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri? What did they do to avoid having to join the MWC? They GAVE their share of revenue to Texas! They didn’t care! They will do anything to avoid the meaningless MWC! Stop holding out!

Here’s what the MWC needs to do and they need to do it now. They need to add 5 teams. Good teams. Make two divisions fo 7 teams. Here’s who you get. SMU makes a fantastic rival for TCU. They are a program on the rise. Good move. UTEP hates C-USA. They want out. Basketball team made the tourny this year. Good move.

The other 3? Pick up Nevada. Top rushing team in the FBS last year. Grab Fresno State. Always play in a bowl game. Do well against big competition and always schedule them. Lastly, snag Hawaii. Good school. Good market. All are good markets. This opens up Dallas more, El Paso, Reno, Fresno and Hawaii. Not too shabby.

Now, make TCU, SMU, UTEP, New Mexico, Air Force, Colorado State and Wyoming the east division. Boise State, BYU, UNLV, Nevada, San Diego State, Fresno State and Hawaii the west division. You get a conference championship. You see, these are teams that stand a chance playing good competition. If they start winning, the MWC starts getting BCS bids.

But of course, Craig Thompson has no balls, so this will never happen. It would take a smart person to bolster the conference and enhance the competition.