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Sloppy Seconds And Initial Thoughts On The 2016 Season

Well one week down, plenty more to go, but that was sure exciting. Remind me why we do preseason rankings again? What utter nonsense. Let’s look at this week and see what we can expect from the weeks to come.

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2016 Season Predictions

Well 2016 will be kicking off tonight, and I have some predictions for you that you can take to the bank. A lot has been said about what to expect this season, but we all know supposed experts and pundits can’t compare with my psychic powers. So here goes.

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The Big 12 Is Bringing Expansion Back To College Football

We all knew this day would come. The Big 12 couldn’t stay at ten forever. The ACC just announced their new TV deal moving forward with their own network and billions of dollars in revenue. That would leave the Big 12 on the outs looking at the new Power Four instead of the Power Five. So they smartly decided to do something about it.

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Final Thoughts On The 2015 Season

Wait…the season is over? As usual during the bowls, I lost track of everything. Does anyone else get that feeling? I had no interest whatsoever in any of the bowl games. It was too long after, I had forgotten about this season. Pretty forgettable I guess.

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Sunday’s Sloppiest Seconds

And that’s a wrap! Fun season everyone. Wait, there’s more? Oh, yeah, those really important bowls. You know, the games that couldn’t possibly fall to the wayside. The games full of tradition. The games coaches wait to play before making decisions about their futures. The games that only allow winning teams. Wait, what?

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The Playoff What If Game

Sadly this last week doesn’t seem to offer up a lot of drama. We know who is supposed to be in the playoff. The only big game is really Iowa vs Michigan State. The other three spots are going to Clemson, Alabama and Oklahoma. That much seems certain as they are all favorites in their final games or have already played their final games. But what if something changes?

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