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How The College Football Playoff Committee Should Operate

Any fan of college football knows the BCS is ending after this season, and good riddance. What many don’t know is how the playoff committee is going to operate next season. And guess what? They don’t know yet either. There are literally no rules or criteria for this committee to follow yet. So I took it upon myself to make it easy on them. Here’s how the playoff should work.

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It’s Bowling Time!

The regular season (that matters, Army-Navy never impacts anything) is all wrapped up. As I foretold last week, Florida State cruised and Ohio State fell. Auburn won the SEC and the right to get clobbered by Florida State. So how will things play out here in the end? Let me tell you before they happen.

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The BCS What If Game

People have been playing the BCS “what if” game since October, but it was a futile exercise in prognostication since there was so much football to be played. Now that most teams are done and we have conference championships coming up, it’s worth looking at the various scenarios. Here’s how things can play out following the different possibilities.

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Let The BCS Debate Begin

Well the BCS standings have been released, and as expected, Ohio State is No. 2, not Auburn. Much discussion has ensued, from fans all over the Internet to the talking heads on ESPN. Let me help you sort out all of this.

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The Weekend That Will Live In Infamy

Some moments in college football you just remember. I was at my friend’s house watching the Boise State trickery against Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. I was at the bowling alley watching Texas beat USC for the national title. I was at a restaurant last night when I saw Auburn return a failed FG all the way to win the game and give us the best chance in a long time that no SEC team will play for the national title. What a crazy finish.

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Thoughts On Week 13

Will everyone now agree with me that Baylor was never for real? I picked against them every week, I knew this day would come. They just can’t play on the road, and unfortunately, that was only their third road game. Someone at scheduling needs to be fired. Now. They were woefully unprepared. But enough about the has beens. What about the rest of college football?

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