2009 Preseason Predictions

It may be way too early, but I’m going to put out my predictions for the 2009 preseason rankings. We all know your chances or making it to a title game depend on your preseason rankings for absolutely no reason at all. But since polls and rankings determine so much in college football, they will always exist, and always throw human bias into the sport. So here’s what I think they are going to pick for the preseason top 25:

1. Florida
2. Texas
3. USC
4. Alabama
5. Oklahoma
6. Oklahoma State
7. LSU
8. Ohio State
9. Ole Miss
10. Virginia Tech
11. Penn State
12. Georgia
13. Boise State
14. Georgia Tech
15. Utah
16. Cal
17. Florida State
18. Iowa
19. Oregon
20. North Carolina
21. Pitt
22. Texas Tech
23. TCU
24. Notre Dame
25. Oregon State

Others receiving votes: West Virginia, BYU, Arizona, East Carolina, Boston College, Auburn, Miami (FL), Nebraska, Minnesota

That’s what I predict will be the rankings. Want my preseason rankings? Here you go:

1. Texas
2. Florida
3. Oklahoma
4. USC
5. Alabama
6. Oklahoma State
7. LSU
8. Ohio State
9. Ole Miss
10. Boise State
11. Virginia Tech
12. Georgia Tech
13. Georgia
14. Penn State
15. Cal
16. Florida State
17. Iowa
18. Oregon
19. Utah
20. TCU
21. Pitt
22. North Carolina
23. Oregon State
24. West Virginia
25. Nebraska

That’s my picks anyway, not that I think the AP people will agree with me or anything. I don’t even get why there are preseason rankings. They don’t mean anything anyway. What are we ranking them based on? The team’s performance with different players last year? Seems pretty dumb.