Bold 2014 Season Predictions

The 2014 college football season is nearly here. This will be the inaugural season of the College Football Playoff (can I get an Amen!?) This is going to be exciting and I can’t wait. As I’ve been thinking about the season, I figured two things were in order. First, a simple explanation of how this season will work. Then of course, my bold, never-come-to-pass predictions.

First, the BCS is gone. Now we have the CFP (College Football Playoff). The committee consists of 13 people, and they will release their own rankings on the same schedule the BCS was released in previous seasons. One can assume the top four in the final rankings will be the four teams selected for the playoff.

The committee will select the four teams for the playoff and pair them. The site of those semi-final games will rotate each year between six different bowls: Rose, Sugar, Orange, Fiesta, Cotton and Peach. This year will be Rose and Sugar. Every New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day there will be six bowls (three on each day). The final bowl game of each day will be the semi-final game.

The committee also chooses the participants of the other four bowls. Some bowls have pre-arranged participants:

Rose: Pac-12 champion and Big Ten champion
Sugar: Big 12 champion and SEC champion
Orange: ACC champion and highest ranked team available from SEC, Big Ten and Notre Dame

If a conference champion qualifies for the playoff, then the bowl will choose a replacement from that conference. When those bowls host the semifinals and their contracted conference champions do not qualify, then the dis­placed champion(s) will play in the other New Year’s bowls.

The Fiesta, Cotton and Peach Bowls will host displaced conference champions and the top-ranked champion from a non-contract conference. The highest-ranked available teams will fill any other berths. The Selection Committee will make the pairings.

Got that figured out? Ok, now for my predictions on how the season will unfold.


Rose: Pac-12 champion Oregon will play Big Ten champion Ohio State in a semi-final game.
Sugar: SEC champion Alabama will play ACC champion Florida State in a semi-final game.
Orange: North Carolina (ACC replacement) will play Georgia
Fiesta: Big-12 champion Oklahoma will play Marshall (highest ranked champion from non-contract league)
Cotton: UCLA will play Baylor
Peach: Michigan State will play LSU

Yup, that’s THREE SEC teams that will be in CFP Bowls. Under the BCS this was not allowed, but no such restriction exists anymore. Also, there only used to be five BCS bowl games- the main four and the championship. Now there are six. And I almost forgot. I think Alabama beats Florida State and Oregon beats Ohio State, then Oregon beats Alabama for the championship.

I’m sure it won’t play out that way, as my predictions never come to fruition. But no matter, fun to do anyway. I’ll enjoy watching no matter what happens.