Bowl and Other Projections for 2009

We are at the middle mark of the season now for 2009. A lot has happened. Here’s my 10 predictions for the rest of the season:

1. Alabama will play undefeated Iowa for the national championship. Boise State, also undefeated, will finish No. 3 and play Florida in a BCS bowl, where Florida will lose and blame it on Tebow’s concussion from months earlier.

2. The other BCS bowl matchups will be USC and Penn State in a Rose Bowl rematch (USC dominates), Georgia Tech and Cincinnati in the Orange Bowl and Texas against No. 5 undefeated TCU.

3. BYU will lose to TCU but beat Utah and go to yet another Las Vegas bowl against Cal.

4. Alabama running back Mark Ingram will win the Heisman.

5. Tim Tebow, Urban Meyer and the state of Florida will cry like whining babies that they didn’t get the Heisman or National Championship. Tebow is drafted in the 5th round and fades into irrelevance in the NFL. He quits to become a full time Pastor and later stars on Celebrity Apprentice where he is fired by Trump but finishes in the top 4.

6. Charlie Weiss is fired after this season after accomplishing absolutely nothing for Notre Dame.

7. The Davey O’brien award for the best quarterback will go to someone who is completely and totally undeserving (I’m looking at Tebow or McCoy.)

8. The final AP Poll’s top 10 will be: 1. Alabama (14-0), 2. Boise State (13-0), 3. Texas (13-1), 4. Iowa(12-1), 5. USC (12-1), 6. Cincinnati (13-1), 7. Miami (FL) (11-2), 8. TCU (12-1), 9. Oregon (11-2), 10. LSU (11-2).

9. Despite finishing 2009 unranked, Notre Dame will be ranked in the 2010 preseason rankings.

10. Sam Bradford will not enter the draft again and play one more full, injury free season.

What do you think?