College Football Cafeteria 2009 Bowl Predictions

Our bowl predictions are finally up on our college football predictions page, so go check them out and see how we do. I’m going to see how I do against the computer, and I also wanted to add a little clarification to some of the picks that might seem a bit odd, though, so here goes.

Southern Miss vs Middle Tennessee State

My pick: Middle Tennessee State by 8
CPU pick: Southern Miss by 3

C-USA vs. Sun Belt. These always produce pretty good matchups. Middle Tennessee State beat an ACC team this year, Southern Miss did not. Edge to the Sun Belt in this one.

Oregon State vs BYU

My pick: Oregon State by 8
CPU pick: Oregon State by 3

I always get a lot of backlash when I pick against my alma mater. That’s ok, every time I have picked against them, they never let me down. Pac-10 was a force this year. Oregon State almost went to the Rose Bowl. I see this as a high scoring affair, with the less turnover prone Beavers winning it.

Cal vs Utah

My pick: Utah by 8
CPU pick: Cal by 1

Clearly the Harmon Forecast is not very confident in their pick if it is only by 1. I wouldn’t be confident in a pick for Cal when they learned they will be without Jahvid Best. Utes have something to prove. Bears have a season to try and salvage. Should be interesting.

Nevada vs Southern Methodist

My pick: Nevada by 19
CPU pick: Nevada by 8

Take away the first three games of the season and Nevada was one of the best teams in the FBS. First team with three 1,000 yard rushers in one season. Don’t count on the still developing Mustangs to stop them in this bowl.

Ohio vs Marshall

My pick: Ohio by 5
CPU pick: Ohio by 3

Perhaps one of the least cared about bowls of all time. Enough said.

Pitt vs North Carolina

My pick: Pitt by 8
CPU pick: Pitt by 3

North Carolina is deflated after the rivalry loss to end the season. Pitt is just plain pissed after losing their last two games. Both will play like let downs. But Pitt has the better offense with less turnovers. Give them the edge in this one.

USC vs Boston College

My pick: USC by 14
CPU pick: USC by 6

Lowest bowl we will see USC play in for a long time. These guys are never down for long. While they struggled in the Pac-10 this year, they never struggle against non-conference foes. Trojans slay the Eagles handily.

Clemson vs Kentucky

My pick: Clemson by 8
CPU pick: Clemson by 4

Runner up in the ACC against one of the lowest teams in the SEC. Just doesn’t seem fair. I don’t know anyone giving Kentucky much of a chance in this one.

Georgia vs Texas A&M

My pick: Georgia by 8
CPU pick: Georgia by 2

I really wanted to pick the Aggies in this one. But that is based on how they played Texas. You have to figure they won’t play their bowl game like their rivalry game. Bulldogs win on defense.

UCLA vs Temple

My pick: Temple by 5
CPU pick: UCLA by 4

UCLA only just found out they were playing this game after Navy beat Army. Temple has known they were in it for a while. More time to prepare works in the Owls favor.

Miami (FL) vs Wisconsin

My pick: Miami by 12
CPU pick: Miami by 6

I’m sure no one is picking a single Big Ten team to win a bowl this year. I know I’m not. Especially not against a Miami team that is having one of its best years in a long time.

Bowling Green vs Idaho

My pick: Idaho by 5
CPU pick: Bowling Green by 1

The Vandals have not been to a bowl game in a long time. Haven’t had a winning season in a long time. But I’m pretty sure I saw they had an All-American somehow, so how could I pick against that?

Arizona vs Nebraska

My pick: Nebraska by 8
CPU pick: Arizona by 3

I would say the computer missed the Big 12 title game. But the computer would say I missed the Arizona/USC game. Touche. Except USC didn’t have Ndamukong Suh. I’m sure he and Nick Foles will be introduced over and over and over again in this bowl game.

Houston vs Air Force

My pick: Houston by 19
CPU pick: Houston by 4

Air Force lost to Minnesota, but stuck around with TCU. Houston lost to UTEP, but beat up Oklahoma State. Both teams can play well and both can play not so well. I think the good Houston team shows up for this game and repeats last year’s performance.

Oklahoma vs Stanford

My pick: Stanford by 5
CPU pick: Oklahoma by 2

Anyone want to try and guess how often the Heisman runner up has lost their bowl game? Gerhart keeps the streak alive and shows why he deserved the trophy.

Missouri vs Navy

My pick: Navy by 8
CPU pick: Missouri by 3

Missouri did beat Nevada this year. Navy nearly pulled off the upset at Ohio State. Both teams can play well against good competition. But Navy did it more often, so I give this one to them.

Minnesota vs Iowa State

My pick: Iowa State by 5
CPU pick: Minnesota by 3

Again, just can’t pick a Big Ten team to win. Not that I even wanted to pick this one. Talk about the most unmotivated bowl for mediocrity. Edge to Iowa State just for not being in the Big Ten…and beating Nebraska in the regular season.

Virginia Tech vs Tennessee

My pick: Virginia Tech by 12
CPU pick: Virginia Tech by 7

No one is giving Tennessee much of a chance in this one. Probably the second best team in the ACC against maybe the 6th best in the SEC. How did the better ACC teams pull the worse SEC teams in this bowl season? Just means they better win or the SEC will embarrass the ACC.

Auburn vs Northwestern

My pick: Auburn by 12
CPU pick: Auburn by 11

I basically agree with the computer on this one. Northwestern is in the Big Ten and will therefore lose miserable. How miserably? I’m guessing at least 12.

West Virginia vs Florida State

My pick: Florida State by 5
CPU pick: West Virginia by 4

This is Bobby Bowden’s last game as a head football coach. No one gave Lloyd Carr at Michigan much of a chance in his last game either…a bowl against Florida and Heisman winner Tim Tebow. But the Wolverines got it done. Seminoles send Bowden out with a big win against his former school.

LSU vs Penn State

My pick: LSU by 12
CPU pick: LSU by 4

I’m not sure why the computer has a tough time figuring out the margins here. There is simply no way LSU will beat Penn State by less than one score. I can’t wait to watch the entire Big Ten lose this bowl season.

Northern Illinois vs South Florida

My pick: South Florida by 5
CPU pick: Northern Illinois by 3

Only advantage for N Illinois here is the weather. It might be very cold, something they are used to and the Bulls are not. But the Bulls are simply the better team, so I expect them to get by cold weather or no.

South Carolina vs Uconn

My pick: Uconn by 5
CPU pick: South Carolina by 6

I really like this matchup. Mediocre Big East vs mediocre SEC. Uconn will have emotion on their side since they feel they are playing for something. And South Carolina has virtually no offense to speak of.

Ole Miss vs Oklahoma State

My pick: Oklahoma State by 8
CPU pick: Ole Miss by 4

What a terrible, terrible Cotton Bowl. The two most overrated teams all season get a shot at each other. I hate both of these teams and think both are awful. I give it to the Cowboys for having a better quarterback who doesn’t throw picks as often as touchdowns.

Arkansas vs East Carolina

My pick: East Carolina by 5
CPU pick: Arkansas by 6

Pirates are going to catch the Razorbacks off guard. No one ever really seems prepared to play against East Carolina. Tribute to Skip Holtz on that. They have only lost when they beat themselves- turnovers and lack of execution. With this amount of time, Arkansas gets out coached and Pirates get the upset.

Texas Tech vs Michigan State

My pick: Texas Tech by 14
CPU pick: Texas Tech by 5

The computer must not know that practically the whole Spartans team is suspended. It is going to be like a Varsity/JV scrimmage out there. That and the Big Ten team is always terrible.

Central Michigan vs Troy

My pick: Central Michigan by 12
CPU pick: Central Michigan by 6

MAC champion vs the Sun Belt champion, I like it. But I don’t like the Sun Belt, which is possibly the biggest joke of a conference ever. Everyone should just drop back to the FCS where they belong. But that goes for half the MAC too, so…give it to Central Michigan with the record setting quarterback.

Rose Bowl: Oregon vs Ohio State

My pick: Oregon by 12
CPU pick: Oregon by 7

I think we can all agree Oregon will win this one. How much depends on how tight Jim Tressel’s sweater vest is that day. Too tight and he gets lightheaded and crazy. Too loose and he thinks clearly. Obviously the Buckeyes hope it is too tight.

Sugar Bowl: Florida vs Cincinnati

My pick: Cincinnati by 5
CPU pick: Florida by 7

Can anyone say repeat? A supposedly superior team playing a supposedly inferior team in the Sugar Bowl. A one loss dominant SEC team vs an undefeated no name. Ringing any bells? It should, and Tebow will have his bell rung when the Bearcats get their hands on him. All those guys have heard for the past month is how overrated they are, how they didn’t belong in the title game discussion, and how losing their coach means they will get blasted by the vastly superior Gators. I learned last year, I’m picking the big boys from the Big East.

Fiesta Bowl: TCU vs Boise State

My pick: TCU by 5
CPU pick: TCU by 4

It was a sad day when this bowl was announced. The BCS criminals had to defend themselves from more chaos and pit these guys against each other to protect Florida, Georgia Tech or Iowa from total devastation. For this reason this bowl does not intrigue me at all and I will not be watching it. I’m not contributing to the ratings of these money mongering soul-less idiots. I just hope the MWC team wins so Boise State will join them already.

Orange Bowl: Georgia Tech vs Iowa

My pick: Georgia Tech by 8
CPU pick: Georgia Tech by 10

I’ve never been less interested in a bowl game in my life. And as such, this crapshoot of a bowl deserves absolutely no commentary.

Championship: Texas vs Alabama

My pick: Texas by 5
CPU pick: Alabama by 7

I had Alabama until Mark Ingram won the Heisman. Can’t pick the winner of that cursed trophy, they’re almost guaranteed to lose their bowl game this decade. Sorry Tide, Colt McCoy has the game of his life and Ingram gets shut down like every other Heisman winner in their bowl game.

There you have it. Sorry I’m late on this, I started yesterday and couldn’t finish. I did pick Fresno and UCF though, not that either of them was any good. Hopefully that’s not a sign of things to come.