My Prediction for the Final Rankings

The bowl season is nearly over and we have learned a lot of things. The MWC is a lot better than we thought, the Pac-10 is much worse than we thought, and the Big Ten is surprising everybody. With that in mind, I’m going to call Texas winning the championship because Ingram won the Heisman, I’m going to call TCU big over Boise State, I’m picking Georgia Tech over Iowa because one top Big Ten team has to lose, and I’ll say Central Michigan over Troy, for the MAC’s sake. So what would that make the rankings look like? Here’s what I think we can expect.

Looking at the current AP Poll, this is what I expect to see when all is said and done:

1. Texas (54)
2. TCU (6)
3. Alabama
4. Florida
5. Ohio State
6. Cincinnati
7. Georgia Tech
8. Penn State
9. Virginia Tech
10. Boise State
11. BYU
12. Oregon
13. Pitt
14. Iowa
15. Nebraska
16. WIsconsin
17. LSU
18. Utah
19. Ole Miss
20. USC
21. Texas Tech
22. Miami (FL)
23. Central Michigan
24. Clemson
25. Oklahoma

Others receiving votes: West Virginia, Oklahoma State, Stanford, Arizona, Oregon State, Georgia

I’m also making a hopeful prediction. Should this play out, I hope the school presidents, coaches and athletic directors at TCU and Texas hold an exhibition game between the two schools. Think of they hype, the publicity, the ticket sales, the corporate sponsorships, the money to be had…not to mention the historic precedent that would be set. It would be incredible.

Anyway, that is wishful thinking. But don’t be surprised to see the final AP poll eerily resemble what you see above.