My Surely Won’t Come To Pass Predictions

You already know my predictions for this weekend. I post them each week. No need to get into that. No, I’m going to give you my predictions for the conclusion of the season. That’s right, I’ll tell you exactly how this season is going down so you know exactly what isn’t going to happen.


I’ve stewed over this for quite some time. But I believe Alabama will play Kansas State for the national championship. Both will win their conferences and go undefeated.


I believe Oregon will win the Pac-12 and Michigan will win the Big Ten and these two will meet in the Rose Bowl where Oregon will murder the Wolverines until they beg for mercy.


With the Big-12 champion going to the championship, the Fiesta Bowl will take Oklahoma, a one loss top 5 team. They will get another at-large selection and will USC who will have lost to Oregon in the Pac-12 championship game.


With the SEC champion going to the championship, the Sugar Bowl will take Florida, a two loss team that lost to Alabama for the SEC championship. They will get another at-large selection and will take Notre Dame.


Florida State wins the ACC and Louisville wins the Big East. These two meet in the boring Orange Bowl.

So there you have it, you heard it here first. This of course means it has no chance of happening since I’ve never correctly predicted the bowl matchups. So sorry if this got your hopes up. If it’s a bowl prediction made by me, it most definitely won’t happen. But that’s ok, still fun to try.