Predictions For Week 3

As usual, this early in the season there are almost no intriguing matchups and the whole staff picked the same team in 12 of the 18 games this weekend. But this early on, 6 disputed games is actually quite good. I had a very hard time on some of these games, but here’s what I expect to happen.

1. Alabama will squash Texas A&M. It won’t be close. Logan Thomas of Virginia Tech is no slouch. He three for 3,000 yards each of the past two seasons. He is a third year started. Alabama made him go 5 for 26 with an interception, no touchdowns and 59 yards. Digest that for a second. Meanwhile, Texas A&M gave up 32 points to Rice followed by 28 points to Sam Houston State, along with hundreds of yards of offense to both. You don’t fool Nick Saban twice. Johnny Manziel will have the worst game of his career Saturday. Mark my words.

2. UCLA at Nebraska was a really, really hard pick to make. These are two very evenly matched teams. UCLA crushed them last year at home, can they do it again on the road? They have had the more consistent QB so I went with UCLA. But this game I expect to go down to the wire.

3. Most of the top 25 teams have no shot of being upset this weekend. But the one team that has a realistic chance of being upset that no one is honed in on is Washington. Illinois has looked good through two games. Soft competition though. Washington is for real. They handed it to Boise State. We’ll see if Illinois can handle them. But this upset is on few radars for some reason. I thought about going with it, but I think Washington is just too good for Illinois, even on the road.

4. Wisconsin at Arizona State split us 4 and 4. We can’t decide who wins this game. And frankly, no one can. Wisconsin hasn’t played anyone yet, and neither has Arizona State. Both look to be programs on the up and up. Both have pretty new coaches. You just never know. With the game being at Arizona State, I went with them on this one.

5. Texas Tech will beat TCU. I’m saying that right now. TCU has looked bad thus far. They were tied at halftime at home against Southeast Louisiana. Yikes. Their defense couldn’t stop LSU, not a team known for much offense. Now they go on the road against a QB that’s been playing as good as anyone. Plus their starting QB broke his arm and is out. Frankly Boykin, the backup, is probably a better player anyway, so that might not hurt their chances. But TCU has not played great this year and this game reeks of an upset. I bet it happens.

6. Ole Miss at Texas is a conundrum. Elite teams follow up embarrassing losses by soundly trouncing the next team they play. Is Texas an elite team? They have a new D-Coordinator in this week, so that can do who knows what. The thing is Texas has too many good athletes and too many veterans for the young Ole Miss upstarts to hang with. Texas is going to be angry and Mack Brown is coaching for his job right now. Plus it’s at Austin, which never hurts. I don’t see how Texas can lose this game. They have a point to prove, and they will prove it. I will say this though. If I’m wrong and Ole Miss comes in there and beats Texas, Mack Brown is out. I’m calling it right now. He will be fired during the week after that loss if he blows this game. And rightfully so. Texas is declining and Brown needs to go. He’s past his prime. Maybe they can get Muschamp back. Maybe they could sweet talk Christ Petersen or Charlie Strong. But Brown needs to go. And they had better do it soon because USC will be looking for a new head coach as well, and you don’t want to be competing with them over the same guy. Better lose Brown now and have first pick of them.

What do you think will happen?