Q&A on College Football in 2010

This upcoming season of college football brings a lot of questions with it. Of course, trying to answer those questions in March is about as reliable as my bowl game predictions last year. Nevertheless, I needed to write about something since it had been so long, so I thought of some fun questions that would be pretty interesting regarding the 2010 season. Lets take a look.

1. Who is the early favorite for the Heisman?

Good question, but seeing as how the guy who won it last year is coming back, there’s no doubt he must be the early favorite. Still, I think there are strong contenders in Kellen Moore at Boise State, Terelle Pryor at Ohio State and Jacory Harris at Miami (FL). Still, what is the point, no one picked Mark Ingram at this point last year, so I’m sure it will be none of the above. So just for kicks, here are my top three least likely to be picked Heisman winners who are most likely to win the Heisman: Ryan Mallet at Arkansas, Jacquizz Rodgers at Oregon State and Jake Locker at Washington.

2. What will happen to the Pac-10 after so many shakeups?

USC will probably not skip a beat. Still got top recruits. Oregon will spiral out of control. No doubt Massoli being suspended will hurt, but it will be even worse when half the team gets convicted of some kind of criminal activity and they have to start nothing but freshmen. Washington will probably be the team to watch in the Pac-10. Cal will start strong and suck down the stretch. The Arizonas will continue their plague of mediocrity. Washington State will make a strong push for a bowl game and come up short one win. And Oregon State will produce a top Heisman candidate. But truth be told? This is a Washington/USC conference, one of them will win it.

3. Will Mike Leach coach again?

Yes…definitely yes. Maybe not this season though. Everyone knows Adam James is a whiny baby and needed his big shot daddy to get him more playing time. Most people side with Leach in the “scandal” that happened at Tech. My guess is a mid major in the non BCS group will pick him up. Expect to see Mr. Leach destroying the rest of the MWC when San Diego State picks him up for 2011.

4. Is Urban Meyer a loser?

Yes…definitely yes. I quit, I don’t quit, I might quit, I’m not sure, I’ll leave a while, oh I never left, don’t leave me Tim, now I’m leaving, I’ll be back, ok I’m back, oh crap what do I do without Tim and Charlie. Good luck Urban. You had no offense last year and will have even less without Tebow. You had decent defense but it went to Louisville to be a head coach. Still, Florida got some good recruits so we’ll see, but I’m predicting a down year for poor old Urban.

5. Is Notre Dame back?

No. They haven’t been “back” since the 80’s. Aside from Lou Holtz there hasn’t been much going on at South Bend for a couple decades now. Don’t expect a new coach to turn things around in one year.

6. Is Rich Rodriguez done at Michigan?

No. They won’t pay someone that much money just to let him go. They will give him time to work some magic. But he better have a pretty magical year to not be on the hot seat in 2011.

7. Is Lane Kiffin a dirtbag?

No, just a complete opportunist. Who wouldn’t take USC over Tennessee? Hello…southern California or the South? No brainer. Better program and better place to live at USC, can’t blame the guy. But I think Washington will trounce them again and take the Pac-10 this year.

8. Will the MWC become a BCS conference?

Yes. The Pac-10 and Big Ten will expand to become more competitive and the Big East will be a little left behind. If they stay as an auto bid, the MWC will get an auto bid. And they deserve it too if you ask me. There are some great teams in the MWC who are denied a chance for glory every year because they just can’t get into a big conference. Look for that to change, especially if Boise State joins the ranks.

9. The BCS is stupid.

Ok, not a question, but still true.