Sloppy’s Surprises: A New Weekly Segment

I’m sure you have all discovered our super awesome college football predictions by now, but I thought it would be nice to offer some insight into some of the picks. I can’t really speak for anyone else, but I can explain the upsets I chose and why. So each week I want to tell you about the surprises I see coming this weekend.

First, I’m the only one to take Miami (FL) this weekend. Sorry, but I still think Ohio State will always choke the big game. They blew it at home against a not so great USC team, so I don’t see them pulling it off this weekend. Many will call it an upset, but remember, those same experts who think Ohio State is rolling to the championship game also told us Connecticut and Navy were sleeper teams (my fantasy football is ruined…thanks). The question mark is Jacory Harris. If he keeps his composure and executes, Miami (FL) wins this game.

The next upset I’m calling is South Florida over Florida. I would hardly consider this an upset after watching Florida last week. How they are even in the top 20 is beyond me. They were awful. Absolutely pathetic. And at home. Miami (OH) could only capitalize for one quarter. The Gators won’t be so lucky against the Bulls. If they continue their poor execution, watch for the big upset in Gainesville this weekend.

I don’t know if it’s an upset, but I’m taking Florida State over Oklahoma. Again, basing my decision on the game played so far this year, I would not rank the Sooners. This perennially overrated bunch is not worthy of a top 25 ranking after last week, that’s for sure. Florida State did only whale on Samford, so they didn’t prove anything yet, but then again, I doubt Utah State is much better than Samford, so…watch out Bob Stoops, the Seminoles mean business.

I said I wouldn’t speak for anyone else but I have to explain Scot picking Virginia. You see, he has an unquenchable hatred for all things USC. I don’t think he can ever pick USC. In fact, he hates Urban Meyer almost as much, so you won’t see him pick Florida much of the time if ever as well. Just wanted to clear that up. So in case you were wondering, yes, Scot does have an endless vendetta towards the Trojans and Gators and will likely never pick them to win…ever.

I went with Georgia over South Carolina because the Gamecocks can’t beat good teams. They get 7 wins every year against the losers on their schedule then lose the 5 games to real teams. Georgia is a real team this year, so count on South Carolina to score less than 10 points. Then again, AJ Green is suspended for Georgia, so without their best player, will they put up a lot of points? This could be the opposite of a shootout…we’ll see.

I was really, really, really close to picking UNLV over Utah. They did pretty well against Wisconsin and Utah will likely be without their starting quarterback due to injury. If the game were in Las Vegas I would go with the rebels, but Utah hasn’t lost in Rice Eccles Stadium in something like 3 or 4 years. The last time they lost at home you heard “Beck finds Harline in the end zone!” UNLV doesn’t have any Beck’s or Harline’s, so I would still anticipate a Ute victory, but this is definitely a trap game for them.

In the games of non-ranked teams, there are two surprises lurking. First, Notre Dame better not be comfortable. Denard Robinson can surprise them in a hurry. I’m not going to be surprised when the Wolverines walk away with a win. BYU better be ready for Air Force. They almost always play Air Force in November, so this is going to be different for them. Now that their 2 QB system has been used, the Falcons will be studying tape, and they’re scrappy. I think BYU will get surprised this week too.

So there you have it. Sloppy’s Surprises. Now you won’t be surprised when it happens.