Sloppy’s Surprises: Alabama, Oregon, Texas & Virginia Tech

You may be wondering why some of those are surprises, let me explain. Texas is going to be surprised when they are not ranked for the first time in who knows how long. Welcome to Oklahoma’s world last year Longhorns. And Virginia Tech is going to be surprised because I believe they full well go into this came believing they are the ranked team and still deserve to be in the top ten. The other two? Let me explain.

First of all I full well believe Alabama will win this game. I think the surprise is coming in how easy it is going to be for them. Florida is really not good this year. They are going to have their Longhorn moment tomorrow. I only picked Florida in our predictions page because I changed it after I saw everyone picked Alabama. Just giving myself the only opportunity I can to make up some ground on the other guys.

Oregon is going to be surprised, no, shocked by how bad Stanford will beat them down. Remember, this is a team that was down 13-0 to Tennessee. This is a team that struggled against Arizona State. Yes they can rail on New Mexico and Portland State, but I’m not impressed. I don’t think the Ducks are a top ten team…at all. Overrated teams always come crashing down, and it’s Oregon’s turn tomorrow. Stanford walks away winning big and moves up to #5, right behind TCU. Unless Florida actually gets together and pulls it off. Then the top 5 is Ohio State, Florida, Boise State, TCU and Stanford. Boise may hold #2, but I really doubt it.

Any other upsets on the horizon? I say it each week, but I think BYU is going down. They always beat Utah State, but I think that is about to change. All these losses really shouldn’t be a surprise anymore.

Potential top 25 traps exist for Ohio State, Michigan and LSU, who had better be darn careful in the games they are going to. Ohio State is finally playing a road game, Michigan is finally playing a conference foe and LSU and Tennessee are two unpredictable teams so who knows what could happen.

The only other upset looming would be Notre Dame over Boston College, but that’s only an upset because it is at Boston College. If it were at Notre Dame they would probably be the favorite. All in all I’m predicting a pretty dull day in football. A lot of overrated teams will get exposed and the landscape for the BCS championship will really take form.