Sloppy’s Surprises: Alabama & Penn State

Not too bad in last week’s edition of Sloppy’s Surprises. Each call happened or came pretty darn close. Looks like some very smart people heeded my warning so as to avoid being surprised on game day (I’m looking at you Bob Stoops.) So who is up this week? More like who will be down. You can see I picked Arkansas over Alabama and Temple over Penn State. But why?

First, Alabama. They just won’t run the table. No one in the SEC can. The schedules are just too difficult. I think the Tide drop this one early and then roll everyone else since the pressure will be done. Plus they are on the road and no SEC environment is a good one to play at. Arkansas has shown they can win against a good team and Mallett has Heisman potential. I like the Hogs in this one.

Penn State is just awful. The only real competition they have faced all year was Alabama, and they managed a single field goal. Their only wins have come against the mighty Youngstown State and Kent State. Temple on the other hand has shown some character. They beat probably the best FCS team in Villanova. They pulled it off somehow against Central Michigan, an in conference rival. And they took it to Uconn, a team most thought had a great shot at winning the Big East this year. Temple had a great year last year as well, so they are on the up. Penn State looks on the down. This should knock them out of the rankings for a while until they can prove they actually belong there.

Who else needs to be on upset alert? LSU shouldn’t be too surprised when they drop one to West Virginia. I’m just not impressed with their barely being able to survive a late surge comeback from the UNC second string. Nor am I impressed with their offense. Then again, West Virginia hasn’t done anything impressive, so this will finally expose one or the other. Might as well have LSU go down…the Crowton Curse has to kick in sometime.

Georgia Tech better be careful, the Wolfpack are for real this year. At least as far as that has any meaning in the ACC, which isn’t much. Still, the Yellow Jackets are coming up on what they probably call the easy part of the schedule…just what NC State wants them to think.

I don’t know that Pitt over Miami (FL) is much of an upset, but I’m picking it anyway. Pitt at home and the Canes a little rusty from the time off. This can make or break Miami’s season in a hurry. I’m thinking because they’re in the ACC it will break.

Nevada at BYU should be interesting. I think Nevada will take this one. BYU is finally at one QB since Nelson got injured, but he’s still just a freshman. If they couldn’t stop Air Force they sure as heck won’t stop Nevada. Again, not sure if that is an upset…but, who cares, you heard it here first.

We’ll see how I do this week. I’m feeling good about these. What upsets do you think will happen?