Sloppy’s Surprises: Nebraska and Utah, Watch Out

This week features the best lineup of games thus far in my opinion. There are a few ranked teams coming head to head and there should be some really great matchups…which means some really great upsets. Who is going to get surprised? No one at the top, but a lot of teams 10-20 should be on their toes.

The first upset I’m seeing is going to be Kansas State over Nebraska. I’m sorry but Nebraska hasn’t actually done anything yet. They beat a Washington team who edged a highly overrated USC and lost to a BYU squad that just got spanked by Utah State. Nebraska may have everyone else fooled, but I have no idea why they are ranked so high. A loss to the Wildcats should fix that. They have at least beaten UCLA and UCF, two teams that have done something.

Miami (FL) better be on the lookout for an upset. I know they think a Hurricane is brewing and getting ready to level the Seminoles, but Florida State is schizophrenic, so depending on which version of the team shows up, they’ll either get demolished or win big. I think Miami escapes, but there is an off change they lose by 21 points as well.

Utah will be the next team to go down. Why? Because the last three teams they played have combined for 2 wins this season. And they are coming off a bye-week. Can anyone say rusty? They barely edged Pitt who turned out to not be the fantastic Big East team people thought they were. Then they rail on UNLV, New Mexico and San Jose State. Hardly the class of the FBS. Yet there they are in the top ten. Iowa State pulled a big upset last year in the Big 12, I think they have another one in them when the Utes come to town.

I’m picking Michigan State over Michigan but I’m not calling it an upset. Michigan has wins by a score or less over Notre Dame, Indiana and Massachusetts. That’s awfully sad. These guys may have the Heisman winner, but their defense hasn’t been putting on any top notch performances. Michigan State has shown proficiency on both sides of the ball. And they had a big test last week to boost their confidence. I think this is about the time in the year when Michigan drops 5 straight games.

There are some other interesting games in what I would consider really evenly matched teams. Uconn vs. Rutgers should be a close one. Temple and N Illinois will be good. Tennessee vs. Georgia will suck worse than New Mexico vs. New Mexico State. Clemson and North Carolina should be nice. And Hawaii vs. Fresno State is always interesting. If there is one other team I would put on upset alert it is Cincinnati. I’m sure they are thinking Miami (OH) from the MAC is a team coming off a 1 win season and all, but watch out, they are much better, and, well, Cincinnati is much worse.

And in what might be the biggest surprise of the season, Utah State will likely be at .500 halfway through the season. Congratulations to the Aggies. If only the rest of the bottom dwellers in the WAC could get their acts together, Boise State might have a decent strength of schedule. (San Jose State, Idaho, New Mexico State, LA Tech, I’m looking in your direction.)

Do you think anyone else should be on upset alert?