Sloppy’s Surprises: Ohio State and Auburn drop out of unbeaten status

I’m thinking this week will send two more teams into the ranks of 1-loss: Ohio State and Auburn. Auburn has been shaky all year, barely winning the two games against good teams. Ohio State is the same way. I think Wisconsin and Arkansas make great upsetters in these scenarios. Who else needs to be on the look out?

Michigan State and Iowa have a lot to lose. Illinois did give Ohio State a game and beat Penn State, so the Spartans need to be careful, and I think they will. Iowa has Denard Robinson to deal with, but Sparty probably gave them the blueprint on how to handle him, so they should roll too.

Missouri is another unbeaten who may be upset this week. Texas A&M is all over the place, you never know what to expect, so they could stage an upset here.

I think the rest of the lineups should be pretty average. The ones you expect to win will, except maybe LSU. McNeese State is looking pretty mean…