Sloppy’s Surprises: Oklahoma, Florida and Wisconsin

In this week’s installment of Sloppy’s Surprises I’ll tell you about the people who need to be on high alert for a surprise. In the ranked teams, I’m putting Oklahoma, Florida and Wisconsin on red alert. Iowa already knows they are on alert since they are playing a good Arizona team on the road. Those unranked teams who need to look out are Cal and Michigan State.

Oklahoma has a very impressive looking Air Force unit coming to town. These guys can flat out move the ball. Defense also looked great against BYU, another pass happy team. Granted, Oklahoma has a much better run game than Air Force has yet seen, and it is in Norman. Still, the Falcons are usually full of surprises, so OU better watch out.

I think I want to put Florida on alert every week. These guys are sorry. It’s too bad everyone who has played them has been worse. This offense is awful. New center and new QB. These two can’t seem to get in rhythm at all. Now that they are going to a very loud stadium and a very bitter rivals home turf, expect the Vols to come out swinging, especially after last week’s nasty home loss.

Wisconsin is going to Arizona State, a big unknown so far. Yes, 2-0, but against no one. Still this is a team than went 10-2 just two years ago I believe. They have an experienced quarterback and are clicking right now. Plus they are playing at home, weather the Badgers are not accustomed to. Didn’t Wisconsin get an injury this week that will really hurt them too? Watch out Badgers.

Cal always blows a game every year. Normally it’s in the Pac-10, but they always lose a non-conference game each year it seems. This could be that game. Nevada can be a force on offense. The question is will they be able to stop the Bears. Maybe, maybe not. But Cal is prime to drop this game, just like they drop a similar one each year.

Michigan State will be dealing with an angry Notre Dame squad. Michigan State seems pretty legit, but Notre Dame has looked pretty good as well. Brian Kelly has things moving in the right direction I think. We’ll see how that goes.

There you have it. Sloppy’s Surprises this week, we’ll see if I do any better than last time.