Sloppy’s Surprises: Undefeateds get spooked!

Excuse the Halloween pun, couldn’t resist. But it’s true, this is going to be the week of the upset for many, many teams. Let’s go right down the list shall we?

Auburn is losing on the road. This has all the makings of a let down game for the Tigers. And Ole Miss can score points. Masoli is a very capable QB. Count the tigers out of the ranks of unbeaten teams.

Oregon will go down on the road to USC. After beating the other LA team, they will think this is an easy game. Now USC gave Stanford all they could handle and Stanford was mauling Oregon before falling apart. Plus the Pac-10 is too good a conference for anyone to come out unbeaten.

Boise State and TCU have nothing to worry about. Boise already won and TCU might as well not even show up. Backups are going into that game midway through the second quarter.

Michigan State is going down. They look like the Iowa of last year, and Iowa will be their Northwestern, who Michigan State barely beat with a big comeback. Looks like we could have a 1-loss tie between Michigan State and Ohio State for the Big Ten title this year.

Missouri is going down. Nebraska has looked more impressive than Oklahoma to me. Remember OU only barely beat Utah State and Air Force. No one expected them to be at #1 and they proved it. Now no one expects the Tigers to be as high as they are, so time to take a nose dive in the rankings.

Utah will lose to Air Force on the road. The Falcons are pissed- they have lost two straight. Couple that with it being a home game and that Air Force/Utah games are almost always within one score, and this has all the makings of an upset.

Oklahoma State will lose to Kansas State for one very big reason: Justin Blackmon is suspended one game for a DUI. Can’t these kids ever learn? My gosh, you’re the top receiver in the world and have millions of dollars waiting for you in the NFL and you do something stupid like drive drunk? C’mon…ridiculous. Cowboys will be run over by Kansas State.

That’s about all I can think of, but this will surely be the week of the upset. Never have so many teams been on upset alert at once. This should be a very exciting weekend of football.