Some 2009 Predictions

I’ve been looking at the preseason rankings a lot and some of the schedules some of these teams have to face. I also went back in time to see how teams ranked in the preseason top 25 have historically fared. The answer? Not good. So here a few of my predictions for the 2009 season.

1. LSU will suck again. Remember the problem last year? Not having a good QB? Guess what, problem never solved. LSU makes a bowl game and maybe barely finishes the season ranked.

2. Florida does not play for the national championship. Tebow is now NFL-in-training. He has to play like an NFL QB if he wants to get drafted higher than the 5th round and ever play a game. Look for a new looking offense that doesn’t click nearly as well as last year.

3. The Pac-10 will dominate. If last year’s bowl season is a sign of things to come, look for the Pac-10 to dominate college football this year, not the SEC. Of course, even if this happens, the whackjobs at ESPN will still praise the SEC until blue in the face.

4. Boise State will be the BCS buster this year. BYU, TCU and Utah are all too evenly matched to have one emerge undefeated. Not to mention BYU plays Oklahoma and Florida State. Boise State just needs to beat Oregon at home to start the season and they have a smooth path to a BCS game.

5. Whichever Big Ten team plays in the Rose Bowl gets hammered. This kind of goes without saying. Whether it is Cal or USC that plays Ohio State or Penn State, the Pac 10 team wins by at least 3 touchdowns.

6. The Big East will suck again. Not a single team in the preseason rankings? And the MWC has three? Wow…

7. Of the top ten teams in the preseason rankings, only Texas, USC and Virginia Tech are there at the end of the season. Ole Miss, Alabama and Oklahoma State don’t even end the season ranked.

8. Charlie Weiss gets fired after starting the season 2-5 with wins against Nevada and Purdue. Embarrassing loss to Washington. After the loss to Boston College, the new head coach takes over right before the the easy win against Washington State to boost confidence.

9. USC doesn’t win the Pac 10. Cal finally dethrones them and gives USC their only loss of the year. Cal loses on the road to Oregon State, but has the tie breaker over USC.

10. Undefeated Texas and Oklahoma State meet up on Halloween in the game that ultimately decides who plays for the national championship. Oklahoma State loses and free falls the rest of their season.

There you have it, my predictions for this season. Be sure to check out our college football predictions throughout the season to see how well we pick the games.