Way Too Early BCS Bowl Projections

I love all the raves and rants in the preseason…all so pointless. And most of the time they rarely pan out. Not much has changed in the first three weeks, but with what I’ve seen so far, I feel comfortable taking a stab at what we can likely see at the end of the season, at least as far as conference champions and BCS bowl games are concerned.

SEC: Alabama over South Carolina. Yep. Florida has not looked great yet. South Carolina hasn’t really either, but I hate Urban Meyer, so here’s hoping.

ACC: Miami over Clemson. You might as well roll a dice on this one.

Big East: Pittsburgh. I had thought Uconn, but they are sucking it up now. West Virginia is only squeaking by teams they should beat by more.

Big 12: Oklahoma over Nebraska. Only because Nebraska has a freshman QB. Experience at the QB spot is usually what translates to wins in big games.

Pac 10: Stanford. Everyone will beat up each other and with only one Pac-10 loss I see Stanford taking it.

Big Ten: Ohio State. Seriously, after seeing what you have, do you think Wisconsin, Iowa, Penn State or Michigan will really put up a fight here?

C-USA: Southern Miss over Houston. Just a guess…and who cares anyway.

MAC: Temple over take your pick…really doesn’t matter.

MWC: TCU should handle things again, but look for close calls with Air Force and Utah.

WAC: Boise State…but watch out for Nevada.

Sun Belt: Troy, because I drafted them in fantasy football and I get 15 points if they do.

With this in mind, here’s how I see things playing out:

BCS Championship Game: Boise State vs. Oklahoma. Seriously, who else has an easier path to get there? Boise State has to beat Oregon State, Nevada and Fresno State. OU has to beat Texas, Oklahoma State and Nebraska. Alabama has to play Arkansas, Florida and LSU in three consecutive weeks. Do you think any team can come out of the SEC undefeated? And we all know Ohio State will lose an easy road game. I think TCU will also be undefeated but I think Boise State gets the nod because Nevada, Fresno State, Virginia Tech and Oregon State will look better than Oregon State, Utah and Air Force in the wins column.

Rose Bowl: Stanford vs. Ohio State. Pac-10 and Big Ten champion, although this will likely turn out to be a boring contest.

Fiesta Bowl: Texas vs. Oregon. Texas will only lose to Oklahoma and Oregon will only have 1 loss but it will be to Stanford so they lose the tie breaker.

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. TCU. And I would definitely watch that game.

Orange Bowl: Miami (FL) vs. Pitt. Yawn.

There you have it, my BCS bowl projections. What do you think will happen?