2013 Preseason College Football Rankings

It’s that time of year again, the wait between a crappy bowl season and championship game and some crappy non-conference matchups with FCS teams in September. I’m seriously considering only watching college football during October and November next season. But I digress. It’s January as of this writing and we don’t know who all will declare for the NFL draft nor do we know who all will end up committing to each school. Sounds like the perfect time for a way too early 2013 preseason poll.

As I have done in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, I’m going to go collect all the preseason rankings people have created so far and combine them just like the AP Poll does. Then we’ll get a good idea of what they will actually look like come August.

So I got 7 rankings that have been posted so far: Jonathan McDanal, Athlon Sports, Tyler Waddell, NationalChamps.net, Mark Schlabach, Mike Tuck and of course, Sloppy Joe. Here’s how they turned out and how you can expect the top 25 to look when the preseason rankings for 2013 are released on August.

1. Alabama (4)
2. Oregon (1)
3. Ohio State (1)
4. Texas A&M (1)
5. Stanford
6. Georgia
7. Notre Dame
8. LSU
9. Clemson
10. Louisville
11. South Carolina
12. Florida
13. Florida State
14. Texas
15. TCU
16. Oklahoma
17. Oregon State
18. Nebraska
19. Michigan
20. Boise State
21. UCLA
22. USC
23. Oklahoma State
24. Wisconsin
25. Northwestern

Others receiving votes: Baylor, Kansas State, Michigan State, Ole Miss, Miami, Virginia Tech, San Jose State, BYU, Fresno State, Arizona State

There you have it, the most accurate look at what the 2013 preseason college football rankings are going to be. My initial thoughts on this:

-What does Wisconsin have to do before people will stop ranking them in the preseason? Lose 6 games in a season? Lose the all time rushing TD leader? Lose their coach? Lose the Rose Bowl? My gosh people, Wisconsin isn’t that good. And yet it looks like five Big Ten teams will probably be ranked in the preseason. Yikes.

-I predict Oregon State will tank. This year was a fluke. They lost four of their last seven. That sounds about right. I wouldn’t count on a 6-0 start again to bail them out. This is a seven or just maybe an eight win team.

-Louisville will be good but will never get much higher than around #10 just because they play in the Big East. We’ll call it Boise State syndrome.

-USC can be a lot better than #22. Their defensive coordinator is gone now, so if they can get those issues straightened out and have a QB throw less interceptions than touchdowns they will be in good shape to win the Pac-12 south.

-Ohio State will not finish the year in the top five. The Big Ten was down in 2012. Really down. Ohio State is losing at least two games this year. Big Ten is going to be better. Speaking of which, why isn’t Penn State anywhere to be found in these rankings? Not even a vote?

That’s it for now. We’ll see how these rankings develop as players declare for the draft and new recruits commit. And who knows, maybe we’ll get another scandal or two to really shake things up.