And This is Why Rankings Suck

In case any of you missed it, South Carolina manhandled Ole Miss last night. Score doesn’t accurately reflect the game if you ask me. Why is that? Consider this: Ole Miss was outgained, 248 yards to 285 yards. Those 248 yards? 80 of them came in their only TD drive of the game with only a few minutes left. If your offense can only score one touchdown a game and it comes in the waning minutes when the defense is tired, you have issues. Jevan Snead went 7/21 with 107 yards. Not exactly Heisman material like we were hearing all preseason. And this is why college football rankings suck.

Ole Miss came in ranked No. 4 for their huge wins over Memphis and SE Louisiana State. South Carolina was unranked after narrowly beating NC State and narrowly losing to Georgia on the road. This looks like a huge win for their program, which it kind of is I will admit. But South Carolina should have arguably been 3-0 if things had gone their way at Georgia. They would have been ranked for sure. And Ole Miss was obviously over ranked based on reputation and not merits. So why bother with the stupid rankings?

The worst part is this. For their “huge” win over the “fourth best team” in the country, South Carolina will jump into the rankings, especially after Washington drops out for losing to Stanford. The irony? They will jump ahead of Georgia, who beat them. More irony? Ole Miss will only drop to No. 14 or No. 15 I bet. So Georgia, who beat South Carolina, will be ranked lowest. South Carolina, who beat Ole Miss, will be ranked behind Ole Miss. And Ole Miss, who displayed skills worthy of a No. 75 ranking, will be ranked ahead of them both. My prediction? Still room to change based on other teams, but Ole Miss at No. 15, South Carolina at No. 19, and Georgia at No. 20. You’ll see.