Change your 2010 preseason picks…

Some of you may have seen my post about the 2010 preseason college football rankings and noticed Oregon ranked pretty high. Well it was pretty consensus to say they would be top 5 in the preseason polls. But tragedy has struck. Oregon’s big time quarterback, Jeremiah Masoli, was suspended the entire year for stealing laptops and a computer.

You have to think, someone who was a front runner to win the Heisman, maybe a national title, throws it all away (no pun intended) for some petty computers and a guitar? What an idiot. Well, he deserves it I say. Keep him suspended. Teach idiot kids across the country that if you are in a big time position to make something of yourself, don’t be a moron. Anyway, don’t hold me to the spot I gave Oregon on my preseason compilation list there. I’m sure they won’t be top 10 without Masoli in the line up, so count on that changing for sure.