College Football Rankings Week 10

Still waiting on the BCS rankings, but I wanted to talk about the other college football rankings that are already out. Things are finally starting to look like they should. By that I mean teams with 3 losses are ranked ahead of teams with one loss. But the voters certainly got some things wrong this week as usual. Let’s take a look.

Let us begin with the idiotic coaches, who now feel that although USC went to Ohio State and beat them on their own field, suddenly Ohio State is a better team. That’s like saying Oregon is better than Boise State or something crazy. Or that 5-3 Oklahoma should be ranked ahead of 6-2 BYU, who beat OU on a neutral field. Of course, anomalies like this happen in the coaches poll all the time for some reason. Makes you wonder if the coaches really vote at all, or if it is just some assistant, secretary or other administrator that quickly fills out the ballot. Makes you also wonder why on earth it is used as any kind of metric for the BCS rankings…

The AP Poll isn’t too bad. Aside from ranking ahead of some one loss teams like Utah who only lost by a touchdown at Oregon, well, its ok. Alabama got shafted in the rankings this week by nature of simply being idle. That and Texas and Florida both came alive. We’ll see what voters think next week after the Alabama-LSU game. Until then, here are the rankings based on what has been accomplished on the field:

1. Cincinnati- still cruising on its way to Pitt
2. Texas- really made a loud and clear statement this weekend.
3. TCU- murdered inferior competition
4. Boise State- getting a lot of traction with the Oregon win
5. Florida- brought on some offense finally
6. Alabama- getting prepped for LSU
7. Iowa- only seems to play one of four quarters and still win
8. Oregon- clearly the best one loss team
9. LSU- gearing up for the big Bama game
10. Georgia Tech- struggled a bit with Vandy
11. Penn State- slow start but got the win
12. Houston- Keenum has Heisman numbers
13. Pitt- looking forward to the Cincy game
14. Utah- only loss was at Oregon by a touchdown
15. Arizona- surprisingly second place in the Pac-10
16. Miami (FL)- squeaked past Wake Forest
17. USC- embarrassed at Oregon
18. Ohio State- wants to take back the Purdue disaster
19. Cal- wants to take back two disasters
20. Wisconsin- lit up Purdue with a shut out
21. Notre Dame- really could end up 10-2
22. BYU- really needed that week off
23. Oklahoma State- one word: exposed
24. South Florida- took care of West Virginia
25. Oklahoma- 3 losses by a combined 5 points

What I would really like to see would be an undefeated Alabama, Texas, Cincinnati, Iowa, Boise State and TCU. Because at the end of the day, Texas won’t get a bump in the Big 12 title game since the whole north division is awful. Cincy has a tougher schedule. So does Iowa but they haven’t exactly won with flying colors. But then TCU would have beaten Clemson, Virginia, BYU and Utah. Don’r forget Boise State’s win against Oregon which looks better everyday. 6 undefeated teams would screw the BCS big time, which is what I would love to see. Wouldn’t you?