College Football Rankings Week 11

Boy did we have an awesome Saturday. Close calls, near escapes, huge upsets…just what college football is all about. Oh and don’t forget RIDICULOUS rankings to follow. Senseless popularity votes that have NO bearing on reality or always a great part of football. Even better is that ridiculous human votes account for 2/3 of the formula that determines our national champion. Great huh? Wondering what’s wrong this week? Let me tell you!

Let’s start in the Pac-10. You may recall headed into week 4 USC was undefeated and ranked No. 3 in both polls. They went up to Washington, an unranked team, and lost. They dropped to 12 and 10 in the AP and USA Today polls. The following week, they had
Washington State at home. They beat them 27-6 and jumped to 7 in both polls. In the process, they leapfrogged undefeated Cincinnati. Now fast forward to this past week. Oregon comes in ranked 8 and 7 in the AP and USA Today polls. They lose on the road to an unranked Stanford team. PS- this Stanford team is immensely better than Washington. Oregon drops to 14 and 16 in the polls, which isn’t to be unexpected. The travesty is they dropped BEHIND a USC team they just MURDERED the week before!!

How did this week’s performances at all show any voter that Oregon is suddenly a worse team than USC? What, you mean the USC team that BARELY beat Arizona State this weekend because of a pick six, not because of their offense which was outscored? Don’t forget Arizona, who just played Washington State at home (which gave USC a huge boost.) They beat them twice as bad as USC did. They didn’t even move in the AP Poll! LSU goes and LOSES their game and also doesn’t move!!! What?!?!?!? Blowing out a team and losing now mean the same thing? Neither deserves a bump or a drop in the rankings? Who are these voters and can we give them a competency exam?

Don’t worry it gets better. Ohio State just passed up USC too! Remember, the USC team that came to the Horseshoe and beat OSU? Yup, those guys are apparently now worse than Ohio State in spite of having the same number of losses. Don’t forget that Oregon is now behind Utah as well, who they also beat. Granted, Oregon has one more loss, but it’s not like Utah has had stiff competition. I’m only saying. And can someone tell me how West Virginia is better than the South Florida team they lost to according to the coaches?

How about ranking LSU ahead of Iowa? Iowa has beaten Arizona, Penn State, and Wisconsin, all ranked. LSU has beaten…Auburn. That’s it. No other ranked team has a loss from LSU. In fact, the only two other ranked teams they have played beat them. Hardly the best 2 loss team. Right when I thought the voters were starting to figure it out too. They really blew it this week big time.

So here are the real rankings. Here’s the ballot I would have submitted based on what has actually been done on the field and not the name on your jersey.

1. Texas- looking like the best to me
2. TCU- can play offense and defense unlike other undefeateds
3. Alabama- finally getting some firepower
4. Florida- big battle for the SEC title on the horizon
5. Cincinnati- got very, very lucky this weekend, couldn’t close the game
6. Boise State- much closer victory than it should have been
7. Georgia Tech- needed OT but looks like the best one loss team
8. Pitt- can’t wait for Cincy
9. Iowa- magic died with Ricky Stanzi
10. Utah- a win over TCU could put them in BCS contention
11. Houston- fun shootout in the touch football CUSA
12. Oregon- I think is the best two loss team
13. Miami (FL)- I think is a very close second best two loss team
14. Arizona- potential Rose Bowl for the first time?
15. USC- not in control of the Pac-10 for once
16. Ohio State- good win against an overrated team
17. LSU- only losses have come against only good competition they faced
18. South Florida- really wants the Cincy game back
19. BYU- shutout Wyoming on the road, something Texas couldn’t do
20. Oklahoma State- nothing without Dez Bryant
21. Penn State- only losses came against the only good teams they played
22. Wisconsin- squeaked past Indiana
23. Stanford- really should have beaten Wake and be a two loss team
24. Clemson- could go to the ACC title game
25. Temple- because its Temple and they only have two losses

Think my ranking are off? Tell me about it in the comments!