College Football Rankings Week 2

The latest college football rankings are now available. Of note is the huge jump BYU made in the polls. Of equal note is the not very far drop Oklahoma took in the polls. In fact, of note is the fact that Oklahoma, Virginia Tech and Georgia all have a LOSING record and yet are still ranked. Rankings are an interesting thing. No rhyme or reason and no consistency.

First of all, why does strength of schedule matter only sometimes? In the coaches poll, Boise State is #11 and BYU is right behind at #12. One of them beat #16 Oregon at home. One of them beat #3 Oklahoma at a neutral site. If the BCS rankings are supposed to be able to “sum up the body of work” a team does in a season, why does do nothing for week one in the polls? Shouldn’t that logic translate to the voters?

Clearly BYU, according to the BCS logic, should be ranked #1 right now on all accounts. They beat the best team this weekend. You can make a case that Alabama beat the best team this weekend too. Yet Florida sits at #1, who beat a friggin FCS team. Now let’s fast forward into week 5. Let’s say Miami (FL) is undefeated at that time. That would mean a 4-0 record with wins over Florida State, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Oklahoma, all ranked teams. No one else has a harder schedule. Yet if Florida is also 4-0 at the time, they will be at #1, not Miami (FL).

Anyone else see an inherent problem in the way rankings are done? If there is a problem with how rankings are done, then there’s a problem with the BCS, considering it relies heavily (1/3) on the coaches poll. The rankings defy logic. They should be very fluid and fluctuate all over in the first weeks. That’s because at the end of the season is when everyone likes to talk about strenght of schedule. Well, talk about it now. Alabama and BYU have #1 and #2 when it comes to strength of schedule right now. Yet neither is ranked in the top 3. What has Florida done this season to deserve being ranked #!? Have Tim Tebow on the roster? If strength of schedule means little to nothing now, it should mean little to nothing at the end of the season.