College Football Rankings Week 3

The AP Poll and USA Today Poll have been released for the college football rankings week 3. Go check out our college football rankings page to see the update. As usual, the rankings are completely stupid, idiotic and senseless and you better believe I have more than my fair share of comments about them. So why wait? Let’s get started with everything wrong with these horrible rankings.

First off, why the heck is there a coaches poll in the first place? They don’t watch any of the games, they don’t see how well other teams performed. Coaches see two teams play each week- theirs and their opponent. That’s it. Other than that, they see scores just like you and me. Yet for some reason their omnipotent opinions mean something. I think I just threw up in my mouth.

Anyway, let’s start with the less-flawed AP Poll. You probably know that Houston, a team from Conference USA, went to Oklahoma State, who was previously ranked No. 5 and beat them on their own home field. Pretty embarrassing. But it was Houston who ends up being embarrassed here. They are 2-0, Oklahoma State is 1-1. Yet Oklahoma State is ranked No. 16 and Houston is No. 21? Add insult to injury here, Houston isn’t even ranked in the coaches poll and Oklahoma State is No. 17!!!

What the heck is wrong with voters? Are they all morons? How on earth could you possibly be ranked behind a team you just beat and you have a better record than them! Watch out BYU, Oklahoma is closing in. This is so completely asinine I don’t know how to talk about it. They say in the final rankings that Oklahoma passed Texas last year because of their strength of schedule. Clearly performance on the field and strength of schedule mean absolutely nothing to voters and they are 100% human bias. How is Florida No. 1 then? For beating an FCS team and a Sun Belt team at home? Not to mention struggling in the first quarter against Troy? Neither they nor Texas has done anything on the field this year to merit their ranking.

Next point. How does Alabama have more first place votes than USC? Didn’t USC just go to Ohio State and beat them in front of 106,000 hostile fans? Alabama struggled with Florida Atlantic at home! How about the coaches poll. Oregon State remains ranked after squeaking past UNLV on the road. Michigan is unranked after dispatching a No. 18 Notre Dame squad at home. Does it even matter who you play anymore?

No, of course it does not, and it never has. “Strength of schedule” is the bull crap excuse voters give us to flaunt their bias in the polls. We have strength of schedule thrown in our faces to justify the BCS even. Remember what Harvey Perlman said to non-BCS schools? Remember what he told them they had to do in order to get respect? “Play Nebraska’s schedule” he said. So should we schedule some cupcake FCS teams to come play us at home to start each season then? That’s how Florida, Nebraska and plenty of other BCS schools have done it. Strength of schedule my buttocks.

Here’s what needs to happen. The NCAA should prohibit FBS vs. FCS games altogether. Then they should change the rules as to who counts as Div. IA so that outmatched Sun Belt schools can go back to the FCS. Then you have 10 good conferences. Non-conference schedules should be a lot more competitive then. I hate to say it, but Wyoming vs. Texas was competitive for a quarter. You need games like that to show the nation that non-BCS schools are on the rise and can compete at the national level. UNLV barely lost to Oregon State. Air Force barely lost to Minnesota. Central Michigan defeated Michigan State. TCU beat Virginia. You see, this is why the BCS sucks so bad. These guys never get their chance outside of pre-conference play and soft bowl games.

These rankings blow. How does Cal pass BYU in the coaches poll? Because they beat up an FCS team at home? What tomfoolery! The Big 12 has 3 teams from the north and 3 teams from the south in the coaches top 25. So are all 12 Big 12 coaches part of the 59 coaches who make the poll? What an over rated conference. Four SEC teams in the top 10? Ole Miss has played one game! How can anyone think they are the fifth best team in the country? Simply because of the roster? I thought rankings were about how you play, not who plays for you. What rubbish…