College Football Rankings Week 4

The week 4 college football rankings are now available. I will admit, the rankings look a little better than last week, but they still make me want to puke. The human bias is now all too obvious. The sad part is 2/3 of the BCS rankings are determined by two human polls. So for how off they seem, they have an amazing weight in the scheme of things. Let’s analyze what is wrong about this weeks rankings.

First of all, kudos to the AP Poll for putting Florida State ahead of BYU. They still dropped the ball on Oklahoma State at No. 16 and Houston at No. 17, but hey, they got that one. And good job on remembering that USC beat Ohio State and keeping them ranked ahead of them. But if you are going to rank Washington, they HAVE to be ahead of USC- After all, they just beat them!

Let’s look at quite possibly the largest blaring bias in the AP Poll, the top 4. THREE SEC teams and Texas. THREE!!!! Florida must be ranked No. 1 for their impressive wins, all at home, against an FCS team, a Sun Belt team, and an inter-conference foe who managed 4 wins last year and a home loss to Wyoming. Alabama at least beat a quality opponent in Virginia Tech. Ole Miss has beat, well, nobody and is THE most overrated team of all time. You’ll see. No obvious SEC bias in the polls though. No way, the pollsters clearly don’t think the SEC is the top conference or anything.

Let’s look at the poll of clueless observers who don’t even watch the games, the coaches poll. In both polls you now have BYU behind Oklahoma, even though their records are identical and BYU beat them on a neutral field. You have Florida State behind BYU who they just beat in Provo. And you at least now have Houston ranked, although still behind the team they beat, Oklahoma State. Great to see the educated rankings of a bunch of guys who probably haven’t seen 20 of their top 25 take a snap.

I’ve decided to take it upon myself to enlighten the AP voters and coaches in college football. I will release the real rankings each week. By that, I mean the rankings that are not dependent on who your mascot is, what conference you play in, or whether or not anyone on your team has “Tebow” written on their jersey. No, these rankings will be determined solely on what has happened on the field and nothing else. With that in mind, here are what the rankings should really look like:

1. Miami (FL)- Road win against Florida State, who now looks better than we thought, and beat down Georgia Tech
2. Boise State- Trounced Oregon, shut out Miami (OH) and beat a very tough Fresno State team on the road.
3. Alabama- Huge neutral site win against Virginia Tech, cupcakes since then
4. LSU- Beat Washington on the road, which now appears to be a big deal. Vanderbilt went to a bowl last year, good win there
5. Cincinnati- Beat Rutgers on the road for their only loss. Gave Oregon State their only loss on the road.
6. Houston- Took down Oklahoma State on the road and murdered an FCS team as expected.
7. Texas- Just beat the Red Raiders at home, a team that only lost twice last season.
8. Auburn- Good win against West Virginia, still no losses, much improved from last year.
9. Florida- Blew out teams they were supposed to, but didn’t blow out the team they wanted to.
10. Kansas- Has looked good in all their wins against so-so teams
11. Penn State- Seemed a bit lackluster against below-average competition
12. Michigan- Beating Notre Dame makes the season, no matter what happens from here
13. North Carolina- Some close wins but against good competition
14. TCU- Impressive look in wins against two unimpressive teams.
15. Missouri- Beating up on all the teams they should beat up on. No close calls yet.
16. Pittsburgh- No big wins yet, but appear good in easy wins.
17. Ole Miss- Won big both games against pathetic teams.
18. Virginia Tech- Close game with Alabama, just beat a good Nebraska team
19. Washington- Stayed in the game with LSU, beat USC.
20. USC- Went to Ohio State and beat them with a freshman quarterback
21. Florida State- Really should have beat Miami (FL), showed true colors at BYU
22. BYU- Played like a top 5 team against Oklahoma, weren’t prepared for Florida State
23. Oklahoma- Lost a nail biter to BYU then outscored two opponents 109-0 since then.
24. Oklahoma State- Did beat Georgia, but it appears scoring points on them isn’t all that tough
25. Nebraska- Really could have beaten Virginia Tech on the road, came close

Others receiving consideration: Ohio State (beat a bad team, sneaked past an average team, and lost to the good team. Not rankable yet.) Georgia (Lost their offensive weapons but it doesn’t show, looks like they lost their defense.) UCLA (they are 3-0.) Iowa (only luck stopped the upset loss.)

Now before you get all bent out of shape over this, I will remind you, my rankings are based ONLY on what has happened on the field. That means if Boise State pulls off a win against might Bowling Green, it doesn’t mean they stay at No. 2 by virtue of having been there this week. Unlike the real rankings, I really do take into account the whole body of work done in the season so far. That should make for very fluid rankings that change dramatically each week. That is simply because if you look at the schedule, there is a big ACC game this week between Miami (FL) and Virginia Tech. If Miami (FL) wins, they easily stay at No. 1 in my book. If Virginia Tech wins, they may pass up some undefeateds, who knows.

Also, Florida can easily pass Texas this week. Kentucky is much tougher than UTEP. Florida can move ahead of them I think with a big win. So I’m taking into account who each team plays, where they play, and how they play. Sneaking past a bad team at home and winning big on the road against a good team are not the same thing in my book. So stay tuned each week for more to come!