College Football Rankings Week 5

The college football rankings for week 5 are now out and WOW! Get ready for another tirade against the pollsters, because this week is just a complete mess of buffalo poop. Yes, there were a lot of top ranked teams losing this week, so you would expect some moving, but these rankings in no way resemble what has been done on the field, which is the lame excuse pollsters use at the end of the season to dis on mid-major conference teams.

We will start with the AP Poll. Houston has finally passed up Oklahoma State, a team they beat, and a team with one more loss than them. Why were they ever ranked behind them? Oh, because their conference isn’t called the Big 12, got it. You’ve got Oklahoma now in the top 10 with only two wins- Idaho State and Tulsa. The team that beat them? Yup, twelve spots behind them. Ole Miss is miraculously still ranked, but don’t worry, the team that just handed them their loss, not ranked. Here’s my favorite part. Cal was ranked #6 and lost on the road to an unranked team who had already beaten another ranked team. Cal drops to #24.

But what happened to #3 USC when they lost on the road? Oh not much, just dropped to #11 or so and are safely in the top 10 again. What happened to Penn State for losing at home? Not much, just a drop to #15. What happened to Ole Miss for losing on the road and getting no quality wins so far? Still three spots ahead of Cal. Yes, Cal was embarrassed, but obviously the voter bias is not equal across the board.

Now the Coaches poll, what a mess. 4-0 Iowa is four spots behind 3-1 Penn State, who they just beat in Happy Valley. 3-1 Oregon is six spots behind 3-1 Cal, who they just embarrassed 42-3. 3-0 Houston is three spots behind 3-1 Oklahoma State, who they beat at Oklahoma State. Ole Miss is in the top 20 for some reason, not sure why they are ranked at all. And Georgia jumps a bunch of spots because of…a time expiring field goal that allowed them to win at home against a below average Arizona State team.

How can you even say any team with no quality wins that has a loss should be ranked ahead of any undefeated team? Few of the one loss teams have quality wins and few undefeated teams have quality wins, so shouldn’t you just say the ones who have lost don’t deserve a top 10 ranking? (see: Ohio State and Oklahoma). What rubbish. The rankings get worse every time I see them. And yet the coaches poll carries 1/3 of the BCS ranking. Another terrible human poll, the Harris Interactive, carries another 1/3 of the BCS rankings. Isn’t this just a handful of biased humans determining who plays in BCS bowls each year? Does no one else see this?

As promised, I’m going to give you what the rankings should be. Of course a lot has changed. Some teams like Florida finally proved they can beat decent competition on the road. Unfortunately, some teams proved they can’t. So here’s the actual rankings, based on nothing more than what each team has thus far accomplished:

1. Alabama- Just beat Arkansas and that Virginia Tech win is looking much better.
2. Boise State- Completely dominated Oregon, which just got a lot more impressive.
3. Cincinnati- Fresno State, although 1-3, is still likely to go to a bowl, good win.
4. Iowa- Now 7-1 against Penn State in their last 8 games.
5. Houston- Came from behind against a pretty good Texas Tech team.
6. TCU- Beat Clemson on the road.
7. Michigan- Beat a much improved Indiana.
8. Auburn- Beating Mississippi State just looked a little more impressive.
9. Texas- Still killing the little guys.
10. Florida- Only needed one quarter to beat Kentucky, really didn’t show up the other 3.
11. Missouri- Gabbert looks like the real deal at quarterback.
12. LSU- Really should have lost, win against Washington doesn’t look as good anymore.
13. Kansas- Poised to make a good run for the Big 12 North title.
14. South Florida- Beat the Seminoles on the road and with a freshman quarterback on his first start.
15. Virginia Tech- Totally owned Miami (FL).
16. Oregon- Favorite to win the Pac 10?
17. BYU- Made Florida State look like the fluke game.
18. Oklahoma State- Did beat Georgia and blown away bad teams in their wins.
19. Miami (FL)- Wasn’t even close with Virginia Tech, still have two good wins though.
20. USC- Played like a #20 team this week.
21. Georgia- Never wins pretty, but gets the job done.
22. South Carolina- Should arguably be undefeated right now. Wins on defense.
23. Wisconsin- Still undefeated, although haven’t played any decent competition.
24. Oklahoma- Out scored opponents 109-0 in their two wins, big showdown this week.
25. Penn State- Did stay in the game until the 4th quarter, see how they bounce back.

Honorable mention: Ohio State: just need a quality win to crack my top 25. UCLA: idle this week, but one good win away from getting in. Stanford: Good looking freshman quarterback has some potential for an 8 win season. Georgia Tech: If they had beat NC on the road they would be ranked. Notre Dame: needs to beat the only good team left on their schedule- USC. Cal: can’t be ranked after a performance like that. Ole Miss: they actually get no honorable mention, they are awful and horrible and should never be ranked until they prove something besides beating Memphis and SE Louisiana State. Nebraska: needs a big win.

There you have it. The bias-free poll based solely on what has been accomplished on the field. Of course, the reason this is still not fair is because each team has different opportunities to accomplish things on the field. If you never play a good team, it’s hard to prove you’re a good team, plain and simple. That’s probably why we need a playoff to compare apples to apples. Tell me what you think about my rankings in the comments!