College Football Rankings Week 6

The week 6 college football rankings are now available. I heartily applaud the voters for finally putting Oklahoma behind BYU. Of course this ignores the fact that in our sixth week of the season we have a .500 team that is ranked while undefeated teams with 5-0 records are not. Great work on that won morons. Lets look at some highs and lows of these rankings.

First off, coaches, c’mon, how does Virginia Tech squeaking by a terrible Duke squad give them a bump ahead of Boise State? Also, why is Oklahoma State ranked so high but Houston drops from the rankings with one loss? Why is Ole Miss ranked ahead of Oregon? For a win over the might Vanderbilt? Kudos for finally ranking Auburn, its about time. But then there’s the blaring stupidity- why is Penn State two spots ahead of Iowa? Do you coaches have brains in your heads?

No real qualms with the AP Poll this week besides the usual. Still can’t believe Oklahoma is still ranked. Four opponents- two ranked, two unranked. BOTH losses came to the ranked teams. No quality wins, lost both road games, what on earth have they done to deserve a ranking? Oh that’s right, they wear jersey’s that say ‘Sooners’ on them. Apparently that’s all it takes to get ranked these days.

So without further delay, let’s see who the real ranked teams are, based solely on performance on the field to date. This might look a lot different than last week, but it should, as we learn more each week.

1. Alabama- beat Kentucky who played Florida tough for three quarters.
2. LSU- showed resilience with last minute touchdown to beat Georgia on the road.
3. Cincinnati- looking like the real deal in the Big East.
4. Boise State- not much on the resume besides Oregon.
5. Auburn- did Gene Chizik turn things around that fast?
6. Iowa- great showing last week, not as great this week.
7. TCU- beating everyone they should.
8. Texas- beating UTEP just looked a lot better.
9. Florida- essentially did the same thing to Kentucky as Alabama.
10. South Florida- win against the Seminoles not as huge anymore.
11. Missouri- Gabbert should have a bright future.
12. Kansas- bye week, but still undefeated.
13. Wisconsin- good win against Minnesota.
14. USC- got the Pac-10 loss out of the way, time to roll.
15. Oregon- waiting for the big game to determine the Pac-10.
16. Virginia Tech- terrible follow up to last week’s big win.
17. Miami (FL)- edged Oklahoma who is now not as good as everyone thought.
18. Penn State- came back after a rough outing last week.
19. BYU- got the easy win, waiting for the Horned Frogs to roll into town.
20. Stanford- really should have beat Wake, looking like the surprise team.
21. South Carolina- now cracked the AP top 25.
22. Ohio State- they beat Indiana on the road, so why not.
23. Georgia Tech- I thought they would lose to SEC competition.
24. Houston- because everyone has a bad week.
25. Oklahoma State- because they lost to Houston.

Honorable Mention: Boston College, Notre Dame and Nebraska are close. Big games are coming up for all these teams, so the cream should start rising to the top.

You’ll notice that no one who is undefeated can nor should be ranked below someone who has lost. Remember, this is about what you have done on the field. If you have lost, sorry, but you lost. If we are going to have human rankings, that has to be taken into account. I can’t in good conscience rank someone with an unblemished record behind someone with a loss. There’s no reason too. What on earth gives anyone the inkling that Cincinnati is not better than Ohio State? All we know is they have both beat pretty similar teams and one of them has lost and the other hasn’t. Oh, I forgot, the name on the jersey, always means so much…

I’m excited for this coming week. Almost every top 25 team is playing good competition. Florida-LSU is the game to watch for me. That’s a big matchup. Wisconsin-Ohio State might go a long way in seeing how the Big Ten shapes up as well. Any big games you are going to be watching this weekend?