College Football Rankings Week 7

You might not believe this, but the latest college football rankings are now out and they might be the worst they have ever been. I’m not sure what mindless drones are casting these votes or why we depend on them so heavily, but lets look at just a few reasons why college football rankings are good…for us to poop on.

Let’s start at the top. Why on earth is Texas No. 2 in the coaches poll still? Alabama goes to Ole Miss and handles them and Texas is down at home to Colorado the whole first half. What?!?!? I have no idea how Texas is ranked ahead of Alabama, none whatsoever. Next, USC on their bye week managed to jump ahead of Boise State who also had a bye week in the coaches poll. Not sure why you would change either of their rankings relative to each other after a week of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

But let’s get to one of the worst mistakes this season. In the coaches poll, you have a problem with 18-20. It goes: Oklahoma, BYU, Georgia Tech. That’s 3-2, 5-1, 5-1. Now this is very interesting as we have a lot of common ground with these two teams. Consider this. BYU is 5-1 and beat Oklahoma who is 3-2. There’s no question BYU needs to be ranked ahead of Oklahoma. But figure in Georgia Tech. They just beat Florida State on the road. Florida State murdered BYU on the road. Georgia Tech’s only loss came to Miami (FL) on the road, as did Oklahoma’s other loss. My personal opinion is that Oklahoma’s garbage doesn’t belong anywhere near the top 25, but if they are going to be ranked, you have to put Georgia Tech ahead of both of them, then BYU, and then Oklahoma. You simply cannot have it any other way based on what they have done relative to each other.

Then of course we have the always predictable Notre Dame ranking. We expect this after a win, big or small, but after a bye week? How does doing nothing suddenly make you one of the 25 best teams in the country? Especially when Pitt, who has a 5-1 record, just beat a tough Uconn team this weekend? Why aren’t they ranked instead?

What could be worse than all of this is something that will shock you. Ole Miss was from day one overranked and overrated. We all know this. Apparently the voters don’t. Ole Miss was crushed by a mediocre South Carolina team on the road. They got manhandled at home by a very good Alabama team. Couldn’t even score more than a field goal. Then their ONLY 3 wins this season have come at home. And to who? Memphis, SE Louisiana and Vanderbilt. By the way, Memphis is a non-BCS team with a 2-4 record. SE Louisiana is an FCS team with a 3-2 record. Vanderbilt may be the worst of them all, going 2-4 with wins against FCS Western Carolina and perennial bottom dweller Rice. Now, taking all of this into account, someone PLEASE tell me how any sane human being can rank these guys? How are they #29 in the AP and #27 in the coaches poll? Does it even matter what you do on the field anymore?

I have an idea. How about at the beginning of every season, we have these morons for voters rank every program on an all-time level. In other words, see who they think are the best programs of all time. Then compare that to their preseason rankings and other rankings that follow. I think you will see a striking similarity with the obvious bias going on here.

So enough about the idiotic rankings, let’s look at the real rankings and see who the best in the land really is:

1. Alabama- great win on the road against Ole Miss, no matter how overrated.
2. Iowa- struggles at home oddly, but is getting the job done against good teams.
3. Florida- beat LSU on the road, finally getting some quality wins.
4. Cincinnati- bye week, big game against USF coming up.
5. Boise State- bye week, looking forward to Tulsa.
6. TCU- beat a tough Air Force team on the road.
7. Texas- struggled early, but showed resilience against a sub-par Colorado team at home.
8. South Florida- big showdown in the Big East with Cincy coming up.
9. Kansas- worst unbeaten team left. Nearly lost at home to Iowa State.
10. Virginia Tech- now looking like the best one loss team.
11. Oregon- wins on the road without the starting quarterback.
12. USC- likely to roll through the Pac-10 to the Rose Bowl. Oregon has other ideas.
13. Miami (FL)- beating Florida A&M isn’t all that impressive.
14. Ohio State- finally got to play a good team, even if the Badgers didn’t show up.
15. Georgia Tech- is anyone going to stop the triple option?
16. BYU- making the home loss look like the fluke game.
17. Nebraska- only played for one quarter and still got the win on the road.
18. Penn State- non conf. games: Akron, Syracuse, Temple and Eastern Illinois. Not impressive.
19. LSU- had only squeaked by in some wins, couldn’t get it done at home to Florida.
20. Houston- beat an SEC opponent on the road.
21. South Carolina- should arguably be undefeated.
22. Oklahoma State- beat a good Texas A&M team.
23. Missouri- really did control their game for 3 quarters.
24. Pittsburgh- huge Big East win against Uconn.
25. Idaho- c’mon…it’s IDAHO! 5-1 for them deserves some love.

Honorable mention: Notre Dame is close, Wisconsin can make some statements still and redeem themselves, same with West Virginia and Rutgers. Utah will have some chances with TCU and BYU.

Again, a team who has lost simply cannot be ranked ahead of an undefeated team in my book. If you base your rankings on performance, than an unblemished record cannot be passed up by a one or two loss one. (Take note coaches). Stay tuned for next week, some more big games coming!