College Football Rankings Week 8

What a week in college football…tons of upsets, and I didn’t pick any of them. My bad picks still don’t negate that this was a breakthrough week- Florida proved they aren’t No. 1, Ohio State was exposed and Cincy showed they are for real. Got to love it. But there’s something not to love, and that is the college football rankings this week. While I agree with a lot of things, there are some terrible, terrible mistakes.

We start with South Carolina. They came to Alabama ranked No. 22 in both polls. They got owned 20-6 and never had a chance in the game. The result? A drop to No. 23 in both polls. Are you kidding me? ONE spot!? I don’t know that any team in the history of rankings has ever dropped only one spot by losing a game in the middle of the season. Pretty unbelievable.

We then move on to Oklahoma…who is STILL ranked in the AP Poll! And if you didn’t notice, they are one point out from being ranked in the USA Today poll as well. Can voters simply not comprehend a world in which Oklahoma is not ranked? How can you possibly rank a 3-3 Oklahoma team and not a 5-1 South Florida team? Pretty tough to fathom there.

Let’s not overlook that Ole Miss has once again reared its overrated head in the rankings. Coaches have them at No. 25. Apparently the key to success is three fold in the rankings: 1. Beat all the bad teams on your schedule. 2. Lose to all the good teams on your schedule. 3. Play in the SEC. Yup, that’s all it takes. Congrats to Ole Miss for being ranked for absolutely nothing, while Auburn who has a better record and plays in the same conference and beat better teams is nowhere to be found.

Perhaps the biggest travesty is Ohio State. They lost to Purdue. Yup, you read it right, Purdue. Formerly 1-5 Purdue. And they didn’t just lose. They were completely dominated. By Purdue. I’m sorry, but that deserves a complete drop from the rankings. Ohio State never should be ranked again the rest of this season. Don’t believe me? Let the numbers do the talking:

Ohio State’s wins this season: Navy (barely) at 5-2, Toledo at 4-3, Illinois at 1-5, Indiana at 4-3 and Wisconsin at 5-2. Losses to USC at 5-1 and Purdue at 2-5. Combined W-L of opponents is 26-21, with 7-6 in losses and 19-15 in wins. With a record of 5-2 that is mediocre at best, not top 25 material.

Compare that to a team ranked lower in both polls: Pitt. Wins this season: Navy (by more than OSU) at 5-2, Youngstown State (FCS) at 4-2, Buffalo at 3-4, Louisville at 2-4, Uconn at 4-2 and Rutgers at 4-2. Loss to NC State at 3-4. Combined W-L of opponents is 25-20, with 22-16 in wins and 3-4 in loss. With a record of 6-1 there is simply no way you can justify ranking Ohio State ahead of Pitt. The winning percentage of Pitt’s opponents is slightly higher than Ohio State’s. They have won more games. Their only loss was on the road. What has Ohio State done to be ranked other than have jersey’s that say Ohio State on them?

We all know at the end of the season that no matter what happens, an undefeated Boise State team will never, ever play for the championship. This is due to the pollsters declaring in their votes that Boise State just didn’t do enough on the field. If this horse crap is true, then would someone explain why what’s been done on the field suddenly only matters in the last week of rankings? So here we go, the actual rankings, based on what has been done on the field:

1. Alabama- good win against another ranked team.
2. Iowa- huge road win against Wisconsin.
3. Cincinnati- still wins on the road with an injured starting QB
4. Boise State- hung on at Tulsa for the win
5. TCU- demolished Colorado State, big BYU matchup coming up
6. Texas- won on defense for once
7. Florida- very lucky to still be undefeated
8. Georgia Tech- looks like the best one loss team to me
9. Oregon- beat Cal by more than USC
10. USC- big two weeks coming with both schools from Oregon
11. Miami (FL)- two straight weak opponents, ready for Clemson?
12. Houston- win over Oklahoma State looks better than BYU’s win
13. BYU- needs to find some defense if they hope to beat TCU
14. Penn State- starting to hit the meat of the schedule and looking fine
15. LSU- idle with big Auburn and Alabama games coming
16. Pitt- big win on the road at Rutgers
17. West Virginia- Big East is wide open for WV, Pitt or Cincy
18. Oklahoma State- beat the now deflated Tigers
19. Kansas- big drop for road loss to Colorado
20. South Florida- gave Cincy a decent game for a little while
21. Utah- outside chance of winning the MWC
22. Central Michigan- quietly getting the job done
23. Idaho- is Boise State getting nervous?
24. Virginia Tech- probably the best two loss team right now
25. Michigan- close game with Iowa, might finally beat OSU

You’ll notice the real ranked teams left off of my list: Ohio State- lost to Purdue, ’nuff said. Texas Tech- two wins against teams with zero wins isn’t impressive. South Carolina- there are better two loss teams. Oklahoma- no .500 team should ever be ranked, ever. Ole Miss- rankings aren’t earned by beating the nobodys.

In my book, a team who has lost twice would have to have beaten incredible teams and only barely lost to be ahead of someone who only lost once. No one is there yet.