College Football Rankings Week 9

While the BCS rankings aren’t out quite yet, we do have the other official college football rankings and they are starting to look a little better I must admit. Isn’t it funny that over time the rankings tend to get better? Makes you wonder why we bother with preseason rankings at all, or any rankings for the first 6 weeks for that matter.

There are still some blaring annoyances though. First is of course how high USC is ranked. Let me remind you, they lost to Washington. They barely beat Ohio State and Notre Dame, they’re only real quality wins. They just survived a shoot out with Oregon State. Cincinnati went to Oregon State and handled the Beavers. Why is USC ranked so high? Better yet, why are they ranked ahead of Oregon? Both one loss teams, both in the Pac-10, except Oregon just did something this weekend that USC could not- win at Washington. They also beat Cal a lot worse than USC did. Plus their only loss came to a top 5 team, not an unranked one. My rankings of course will put the team who has done better on the field where they belong.

The race at the top 3 is getting interesting. With Florida and Alabama both having close calls, Texas picked up some more first place votes. And why not? They hammered Missouri on the road. Looking ahead, either Florida or Alabama must lose at least one game. If they both go undefeated they will play for the SEC title, meaning one other team needs to go undefeated to face one of them. Looking more and more like it will be Texas.

Another issue I have is LSU. What makes them the second best one-loss team in the country? A lackluster offense and up until now pathetic schedule? They had a chance to shine and blew it when Florida rolled in. Oregon and Georgia Tech both look like better one loss teams in my book.

Then there’s the usual “why the heck is Oklahoma ranked” rant. 4-3. That’s right…4-3. One game above .500 after the halfway point of the season. .500 at exactly the middle point of the season. How can a team play .500 football and be ranked? Can the college football world simply not fathom a day in which Oklahoma is not ranked? Has it ever happened? Well if I were a voter it certainly would.

So how did this week shake up the real rankings? Let’s take a look:

1. Cincinnati- destroyed Louisville, can prove they’re the best against Pitt and WV
2. TCU- exposed BYU on the road with a decisive win
3. Boise State- ravaged Hawaii on the road
4. Texas- hammered Missouri on the road
5. Florida- struggled and needed a blown call to steal 7 points
6. Iowa- luck will eventually run out
7. Alabama- lost to Tennessee on paper except for the score
8. Georgia Tech- decisive win at Virginia makes them best one-loss team
9. Oregon- did what USC couldn’t on the road at Washington
10. USC- survived against Oregon State at home
11. Penn State- finally won in the Big House
12. LSU- manhandled Auburn at home
13. Houston- getting the job done
14. Pitt- took care of South Florida
15. West Virginia- survived an emotional game with Uconn
16. Oklahoma State- two big tests coming up with Horns and Sooners
17. Utah- will get a shot at TCU in November
18. Central Michigan- still getting it done
19. Virginia Tech- probably still the best two-loss team
20. Miami (FL)- couldn’t get the job done against Clemson
21. Arizona- the sleeper in the Pac-10?
22. South Carolina- bringing down Florida would be huge
23. Cal- has looked good aside from two no shows
24. Navy- really had a shot with OSU
25. Wisconsin- because I hate Notre Dame and Ole Miss

On the cusp: Notre Dame, Ohio State, Ole Miss, BYU

Florida, Texas and USC should have some good tests this coming week. Can’t wait to see how it goes!