My Final 2009 Rankings

Not as if many people care about my rankings, you know, because I actually watched a bunch of games and a variety of teams play…no, no, that shouldn’t matter, the opinions of coaches who never watch anyone outside of their opponents play, now that is an opinion you can take to the bank. Same with that awesome AP Poll of morons like Craig James. In spite of a vast majority putting Boise State at 2 or 3, Craig James put them AT NUMBER 7 IN HIS FINAL POLL!! Yeah, only voter not to rank Utah and only voter not to put TCU in the top 10. I’m glad we have such wise sages to determine the national rankings. But back to the point. Here are my rankings, from an unbiased fan who actually watched all these teams play.

1. Alabama- played a tough schedule and came out on top, even if the only thing saving their season was a McCoy injury.
2. Boise State- only other undefeated, beat down the best of the Pac-10 and MWC, two good conferences this year.
3. Texas- if McCoy had played, they would have cruised past Alabama, seeing as how a true freshman almost beat them.
4. Florida- Tebow and Urban went out on a high note, now lets hope we never hear from them again.
5. TCU- clearly outcoached against Boise State, might have had a better team, but got out foxed
6. Cincinnati- still put up 24 against Florida…without a real head coach
7. Ohio State- it pains me utterly to do this, but credit where credit is due
8. Iowa- even more painful…but credit where credit is due
9. Penn State- I mean it, last Big Ten team in the top 10
10. BYU- beat Oregon State a whole lot worse than Oregon did
11. Oregon- and people thought they might end up ahead of Boise State…
12. Georgia Tech- they did beat Virginia Tech
13. Virginia Tech- Got a freebie in their bowl game
14. Pitt- barely got past North Carolina
15. Nebraska- really wants that Iowa State game back
16. Wisconsin- fairly easy schedule but got it done against Miami
17. Utah- took it to Cal in their bowl game
18. Central Michigan- Lefevour goes out with almost every QB record there is
19. USC- if Carroll leaves, don’t expect to see their preseason ranking very high
20. LSU- fell apart against Penn State
21. Navy- really was one play from beating Ohio State on the road
22. Ole Miss- repeat winners at the Cotton Bowl
23. Oklahoma- losses were so, so close
24. Oklahoma State- can’t rank them behind Texas Tech
25. Miami (FL)- made Wisconsin look like a better than mediocre team

Others: Texas Tech, Rutgers, Clemson, West Virginia

There you have it, my final rankings for the year. Great season, look for my preseason rankings for next year in a little while. Best to wait and hear who leaves for the pros first.